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Are all the melee weapons 1 hit kill on zombies?

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I believe it's dependent on where you hit them or whether or not it's a viral zombie. One thing that I know for certain is that they all have varying range with the fire axe having the greatest reach of them all, this alone makes some of the other melee weapons less viable to say the hatchet which is extremely powerful and has a superb reach that most other melee weapons can't match.

This link may give you a better understanding of the Advantages/disadvantages of each weapon http://www.dayzrp.com/t-balance-melee-weapons?highlight=Melee+weapons albeit I'm not to sure how well it holds up with the latest patch.

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To be blunt with you no they are not.

If you hit a zombie in face they are all one hit kill , if you hit them in the chest all of them apart from the baseball bat are one hit kill (occasionally the crowbar also takes two).

There are other things to take into account also such as the machete has a much shorter range than the hatchet and crowbar and the baseball bat is the hardest to hit with because the hitbox for it is so wide.

I do believe though on players that it is pretty much guaranteed 9/10 that if you hit them with any melee weapon they go unconscious ,you break their leg or both iv never seen someone hit with a melee weapon and not have either of these happen.

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The majority of melee weapons (excluding bats) are one hit kills on zombies in the chest area, this can vary.

All melee weapons (similar to guns) kill instantly when hit in the head.

As for power, I think it goes, Bat > Crowbar > Hatchet > Machete.

However, for range, it's Machete > Crowbar, Hatchet, Bat. Something like that.

Solution: The majority of melee weapons will one hit kill a zombie, it's dependant on; the zombie itself (toughness), the weapon and the location of hit. This site may be of use however, be warned they may not be the same on DayZRP.


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