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The Duke's Diary - Chernarus

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Day 6. Nothing I did on Panthera, not even raiding that UN base to get here could have prepared me for what I saw in Chernogorsk. A sea of the dead spread out before me in the morning light, and not a living soul to say "wow" to. I tried the radio I found from atop the hospital to no avail, lit three flares and set them in a row to send a distress message to anyone passing by. I doubted anyone would see it, though, because nobody was looking for a survivor in the South. I tried again at sundown, when there flares would be visible again, and suddenly the radio crackled to life. A voice asked "Who's on top of the hospital?" I replied "A man in need of help. My name is Maghorn." I heard the pop of the other person's mouthpiece turning on, but it went silent again, and I heard gunshots to the North. With a quiet groan I laid down on a mattress I pulled on the roof and waited for the dead to stop howling and my flares to go out so I could sleep.

Day 7. Woke up and saw a body on the ground by the ladder. The hole in the back of his head explained what happened. I looked him over and found an empty water bottle. After filling it up at the well I went back to the roof and looked out over the city again. The horde had dispersed a bit, but I wasn't willing to take the risk and run for the trees, not yet. If I was going out there I at least wanted a tent and an ax so I could survive out there. Summer is just coming, but I need to focus on preparing for winter as well.

Day 8. More shots riled up the walkers. I need to get out of here, so tonight I'm going to grab my Winchester and sneak out under the new moon. I'll leave my journal behind with details about where I'm going on the next page. I haven't met a single living person in over two weeks, so I hope whoever finds this comes to me in good faith.

- Duke Maghorn Atreides

East by night, to the trees by day, and Death shall not have me.

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