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Is anyone alive? Is the United States still strong?

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**You find a crumpled up piece of paper, torn out from a book it seems, it reads....

My name is Jon, a young U.S Marine from Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California. I arrived into this country several months (not sure) ago from the United States on an operation in which we helped Chernarussian military fight off the undead and keeping the pandemic in line. After the invasion, we'd all been on edge, and my infantry unit (1st Battalion, 7th Marines) was sent to counter the civil unrest. It was 0300 just outside 'Elektrozavodsk' a location in the state of Chernarus when we got hit by an attack of local militia. Not only this, but the crowd was so big that the infection spread from one person very quickly. We were not prepared, and suffered many casualties. As a result, my company as well as the others assigned to our unit were separated from the battalion. We went into battle prepared and wanting to fight, with the American people supporting us, but now we had been abandoned. I was one of the few to make it out. I was captured as a POW by a group of local men who hated the American involvement in the conflict, and they took their hatred of the American people out on me. I lived in a shithole shack for months, where I was abused and denied proper medical care. One day, I managed to escape by knocking the roof off. I was free, for now, and after running for days on end and not stopping I eventually came across this

town by the name of 'Berezino'. I am now trying to find a radio tower or some form of communication to see if I can get in communication with my unit.

Is anyone alive? Is the United States still strong? I need to know, I fear the end is imminent....

~ Jon, 0600hrs Unknown Date

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Guest JMS

Pretty good read.

I'll second that :P

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Simple, nice read.

Gotta love when a city that you live 20 minutes away from is mentioned :P Pendleton sure is loud when they do their bomb testing though!

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