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Guest The Reverend

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Guest The Reverend

Darkness. Darkness and silence.

Those were the only things that Rev. Daray Laurent could feel. Pressing down on his shoulders. Like a heavy backpack full of metal cans. But he did not care. He was used to it. Not even used. He did not notice it at all. An insane person does not notice things like that.

One person's craziness is another person's reality. In this case, all Laurent could think of was blood. Dark red, thick, like paint. But tastier. The taste of metal lingered in Laurent's mouth. He remembered the time he chewed off a man's neck just to get a silencer for his gun. Good days...

But now he had a task. He finally managed to track down a lead to a man called Drahomir, who apparently knew one of the [email protected] who killed his mother and father. The though about his parents cut through Daray's mind like a samurai sword. He shook his head and looked straight forward. Just a few meters away from him was a group of TCP members, who sat around the fire and talked.

None of them noticed Daray, but he noticed everything. He saw how those men ate, drank and talked. He saw that one of them had glasses on, meaning he was either going for fashion (doubt that) or he had poor eyesight, and by pure luck, it was Drahomir. Laurent pulled out his gun and started put the suppressor on.

Once it was put on, he attached it to a self-made holder on his wrist. He was wearing priest clothes, so the long sleeves covered the gun perfectly. He checked the throwing knives on his leg, stood up and walked towards the camp.

Good day, my sons! How are you? - asked Daray

The men were not surprised to see the Reverent, but invited him to join them. Drahomir poured a drink into a mug for Laurent, which Laurent accepted, but did not abduct. Instead he held it in his hands and started talking to the men.

After a while of talking he asked them if they heard anything about a man called Drahomir. They exchanged worried looks and turned to face Laurent.

Why do you need to know, Father? - asked one of them, glaring.

Well, I heard he knows things... said Laurent and stood up.

the next two seconds the world seemed to slow down for Drahomir. He saw Laurent pull out a gun and shoot the two men with the guns in a moment. Another man tried to attack Daray, but he ducked and stabbed him in the eye. The man fell, screaming in agony, bleeding out.

Father looked at Drahomir with disgust and spat. He then smacked Drah with his fist, knocking him out.

The next thing Drah saw was hot, like Hell itself, coals. He was hanging above the fire, with Rev. standing next to him and laughing.

Where is she? Where is my sister, you [email protected]?

Man, I got now clue where she at! Let me go!!!

But Rev. felt no kinder. He shoved Drah's face into the coals, and a shrieking noise came out of his mouth. Rev. just laughed.

When he pulled him out, Drah told him everything he knew about the man who murdered his family. Apparently, he was a member of The Marauders, who currently were in the Devil's Castle. Rev. chuckled and threw Drah back into the fire.

More noises of flesh melting and inhumane voices pierced the sky, with a red sunrise on the horizon. As Daray walked away, he picked up a jar, filled it with some guys blood and drank it.

Jesus, that's good...

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I love the story! Some grammatical errors here and there but overall it was pretty good!

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