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Dylan Walker - [DayZ Standalone Character]

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Waiting until official lore is released, everything that is written is likely to change because it may not match the official lore. It's just a basis of what I will currently be RP'ing on Standalone.

Character Stats

Name: Dylan Walker

Age: 18

Nationality: Australian

Residence: Novodmitrovsk

Height: 188 cm (5'10")

Weight: 70 kilo (154 lbs)

Hair: Brown, medium length

Eyes: Hazel

Pre-Outbreak Profession: High School Student

Pre-Outbreak Biography

Prior to the zombie outbreak Dylan Walker was no different from anyone else really, he was just a high school albeit a failing one at that. Dylan had neither the time nor the focus to study and attend his classes. Dylan Walker moved to Chernarus with his family during his very early childhood due to his father's occupation requiring him to relocate to Chernarus, they ended up setting up residence in Novodmitrovsk. Dylan's family was quite small, having both a mother and father and a younger brother. Their parents were always quite busy though with work and social outings that majority of the time it was just Dylan and his brother David.

David was 5 years younger than Dylan and was mostly the reason that Dylan was failing school as with their parents hardly ever home it was all left to Dylan to take care of David. Dylan skipped school multiple times a week but he was never punished for it, receiving only the occasional phone call or letter from the school.

Dylan really didn't mind looking after his brother though, they actually got a long fairly well and generally made the most out of it with hikes through the woods surrounding their house as well as the occasional video game. It's not like Dylan always had to look after David, David still went to school. Dylan however only bothered to attend school a few times a week, he always blamed it on the fact that he always had to look after David but that wasn't quite the truth, he just didn't really make too many friends with the locals.

Day Zero

The first few days of the outbreak were especially rough, not only because of the constant zombie threat but because of the sheer amount of chaos and brutality the other survivors were the cause of. Nearly everyone that survived during these first few days did a lot of unspeakable things and this was no different for Dylan Walker.

For Dylan, the outbreak started on just another typical day of looking after his brother David while their parents were on a business related trip into Elektrozavodsk. The two of them were competing against one another in a video game when suddenly they could hear gunfire in the distance, at first they almost shrugged it off as gunfire in the video game. Hunting and other such activities were fairly common in the area though so at first they didn't really think too much of it, until about 10 minutes later when the gunfire picked up again but this time accompanied by explosions. Realizing that something was obviously not quite right Dylan moved towards the window and slowly began to move the blinds out of the way. Now being able to see outside Dylan was able to see smoke in the distance, it was then that a face appeared directly outside of the window and began banging on the glass with its hands. Startled, Dylan fell backwards onto the ground and began backing up along the floor as the glass shattered and the decayed and blood covered body pulled itself through the now broken window as shards of left over glass ripped flesh from its body.

Shocked at the sight in front of him, Dylan was frozen in place out of fear. The zombie quickly made it's way over to Dylan and attempted to bite him, Dylan tried to fight it off though but the zombie had him pinned and was getting closer to biting him. David quickly reacted by tackling the zombie off from Dylan, in the midst of this the zombie managed to bite a chunk out of David's arm. Now panicked and unsure what to do Dylan grabbed his father's python from the nearby cabinet and fired a round off towards the zombies head as it was not trying to bite David. The bullet ripped through the zombies head and the blood splattered outwards covering David and the nearby wall.

Neither of them had any idea that the zombie's bite was the cause of the infection, so instead Dylan helped David up and moved him to the kitchen so that he could clean and bandage David's wound. Multiple hours had passed, during this time the boys had moved upstairs in the house and barricaded the stairway.


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