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News Competition [Design]

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List of what's already included and also, things that could be included in the future Issues of the news itself:

Clan stories

Two Articles (Events/Conflicts/Funny/Interviews)

Staff Changes

Obituaries (Terrible deaths that have occurred)

New things that will be added into the game (Settlements/Guns/Ect)

Survivor Stories (Basically, the community can send in stories of who they are looking for or what they are after (trading) which I will read and include some into the issue of the newsletter that is being published to try and make more interaction for people) - There will be an open Envelope on the layout itself so it looks more like I've just opened it and writing it into the newsletter.

Note: Text will be changed in size so it's easier to read if chosen

Link to image: http://imgur.com/m5fOYuu


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What is the point of this thread compared to Rolles? http://www.dayzrp.com/t-contest-community-whateveryouwanttocallit

Could you not of posted your design in there instead of making another thread?

Well, I could have but didn't want to just clog that with images. If you feel it needs to be there then can you move it please?

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Guest Biiddy

Please post it on the other thread like everyone else instead of making a new one.


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