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Lee Everett

Being NEW to DayzRP

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Hi everyone, as you can probably tell, I'm VERY new to DayzRP. I hope to find a group of people with common interests in game, but am concerned how I go about joining a group. If anyone has advice to offer about finding and joining groups feel free to suggest anything and EVERYTHING to me! - Thanks, Lee

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The best thing to do is not to really rush into it. If you are new and haven't been in-game much yet, I'd recommend playing around a little bit discovering your play style and then researching through the clans & groups pages to find something that is fitting and exciting to you.

Also, you can always post in the Free Agents thread and perhaps a clan might find you.

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That link there is where you will find all the different active groups currently on the server. They all have in-depth background info on the groups and their requirement.

Just remember that some groups do In-Game only recruitment and some do recruitment over the forums. Read through em and check them out. If one peaks your interest feel free to drop them a line.

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Learn from experience as stated above my friend. You need to see which type of group would fit your play style.

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