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Hi there!

Not really good at introduction :P

Im a 24 year old, and from Finland :P

My real life name is Hanna. I just recently got dayZ so im still learning, so bear with me.

I live with my fiance, and we both are gaming nuts.

He doesnt play dayz though

Anyway, I have been RPing in other MMO's suchs as lotro, and wow. But never in a game like dayZ.

Im a zombie nut myself, so ive read pretty much all the books that are out, and seen the movies :P and been wanting to play a zombie game, that has survival as a main point, instead of resident evil and suchs.

What else... umm I have pet rats, and one terrorist rat, who bites as soon as anyone goes close :P still love her though <3. I also got a russian dwarf hamster, who is yet to be named...

I think this is it then... random, weird introduction, just like I am :D

Hoping to meet you all in game!

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Welcome, Sir what kind of play style are you looking to betray? Good luck =)

Jamie, well I was going to make my character a youngish girl (typical I know)who just woke up on the shore, with no recollection of what has happend, and then move her into scavenging and hunting eventually/hopefully . However I realised I couldnt be a female, so I have a man now called scarlett x)

to everyone else. Thank you for the welcomes!

and its awesome to see that there are already some girls around. Wont be so lonely :D

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Yar, matey! Welcome to ye olde dayzrp! I hope you enjoy the plunder here!

On a serious note, check out my thread here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-your-first-day-on-dayzrp

Thank you mava, already checked it out, and read the rules :P

Welcome from Finland. If you want to team up sometimes, i can PM you my Skype. Where did you get your venäjänkääpiöhamsteri?

I got it from an animal shop :3 and sure, pm me your skype.

I dont have a mic right now since SOMEONE broke my headset. but will get one early next month, or I can try using my headset... :P

again thank you all for welcomes!

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Welcome to DayZRP. Hope to see you out there !

venäjänkääpiöhamsteri - This is one hell of a word to say "Hamster"...

Actually the "Hamsteri" word is for hamster. :D

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