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CD Key was Stolen

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Sorry for all the inconvenience but, My CD key was banned a while back and I forgot how much I loved DayZRP and I wanted to play but my key was banned. I recently went out and bought a new key and was wondering if it could get Whitelisted. Obviously if I was doing this cause I was banned from the server then my name would be crossed out I believe. But here are a few screenshots of me trying to join the server on my banned key and I put my old and new GUID below.

Old GUID: *GUID snipped* - Don't post your GUID in public ;)

New GUID: *GUID snipped* - Don't post your GUID in public ;)

New PlayerID: 119026950

Screenshot of me trying to join on old GUID:

The best way for you guys to contact me, would be through my email address; [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read my application and hopefully we can get this resolved I've seen this happen to another member of the community and fortunately, he got his fixed so I want to try to get mine. Thanks again!

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Marking this as solved.

Post the screenshots of the emails with the GUID censored when getting them.

And just to make it clear, we're not going to contact you via your email adress.

It's up to you to get this done, not us.


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