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Through the Eyes of a Mad man.

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  • Sapphire

Who... Who am I. I... Don't remember. I remember a hit... a hit to the head. a... a hard one. The pain. My name... my name does not matter now. I know what I must do. But I still need a name. J... Jac... Jacob. Ya that's a good name. Jacob. Jacob Coye. Ya I like that. But there is more important matters. Its... hard to see. Everything is so dark. Including the sun. Wait am I... I'm speaking out loud. But this is in my head. Still does not matter. Am at war. We are at war. with THEM. THEY will kill us all if we do not do something. If we don't Act... Act. Humanity Survival Act. Ya that's what we'll call it. But we will need more people. More life. We must go find more people to join the cause. Let us get out our radio. Send a message ...

//Jacob Has a slight brain damage and can't remember who he was before. He has slight blindness (Does not processes light well so it is always dark.) and can no longer use the word "I" and other words as well. But he is smart. Its a concept of a character I've had for some time now. He also has no inner thought process so he will say everything out loud

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