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Whitelisted a while back but never got a response.

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^^ What Arcus said. Go to your whitelist page where you applied for your whitelist and at the bottom of that page it will say either "Your application has been approved" or "your application has been denied". If it has been denied it will also give you a reason why you were denied and that's what you will have to take care of next time you write a application.

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  • MVP

How long ago did you attempt to whitelist? Your account is new, so it couldn't have been TOO long ago. ;)

Did you have another account before this one? If so, and you didn't post within the first month of activation, then it likely got pruned for inactivity.

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  • Sapphire

If you would like to apply again (If you don't find out what happened previous) then donate the minimum fee of 5 euro and that will open the whitelist up to you.

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