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Christopher Belmont, Journalist

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This is a record made by the currently lost Canadian Journalist, Mr Christopher Belmont, sent in Chernarus by the canadian government to investigate the current events that occurred in the said Chernarus. These are the facts that are happening from the point of view Mr Belmont.

"I don't really know how i'm supposed to start this log. I think since no one knows me around these parts i'll just introduce myself and take this out once i'm back to Canada.

Let's get to it:

My name is Christopher Belmont and I am a journalist for the government and the military. I was hired for my abilities to work in the field and for that i accepted the offer! So i departed on the third of January 20XX to the Russian land of Chernarus.

The briefing for the event was simple, The usual desease spreading, so they have provided me with some medication to take once i get there to prevent me from getting whatever sickness is circulating around these parts. From my quick research from Chernarusian news and broadcasts, the only information i got is that the people that are affected by this "thing" have been getting very aggressive and violent, attacking people and even medical staff where are currently held onto custody in hospitals.

These situations got me some special and privileged basic side arm weapon training. This is ridiculous! Nobody would attack a civilian and even less a journalist, right? And even if it was the case, the higher-ups said they would grant an escort of 4 men (troopers from what i've been told) and a pilot to get there. One of the props of being parts of medias is that you get to experience many new things that most people don't get to try in their life; i'm gonna have an helicopter trip to Chernarus.

Well you can be sure that i'll be updating this log daily and as clear and precise as possible."

January 9th 20XX

"I don't know what happened. I don't know what happened. I'm not hungry, i feel very dizzy, and i'm really thirsty. Barely awaken. I slept? or was I Unconscious? I'll keep logging in stuff inside this diary. I'm so scared. It's bright outside. I tried to open the door to the room I in. I think someone has locked me up."

"I'm definitly alone. I'm beginning to get hungry, the stack of food stashed in the room is done, i need to get out of here and find people. I've been hearing a belltower near where I am since when i woke up. I'm pretty convinced that there will be some people there."

These are the only memos and scripts that we manage to recover from an inn located in the east of Chernogorsk. As soon as we find other papers we will send it forward to HQ.

Land trooper, Out!

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Land Trooper reporting in.

We managed, after a short search of the Chernogorsk sector of Chernarus, to find a new segment of Mr Belmont's writings and logs. Those following logs are most probably from the same day. Here it is;

"Finally succeeded on getting through the door that locked me in. Filled my pockets with all the food, water, drinks and painkillers I could. I decided to set off to the closest place i would be likely to find survivors; The church just by the Inn.

I just had to walk out the Inn which was strangely empty; no barkeeper, no carelady, no nothing. Not Even the assigned group that was supposed to escort me. So not knowing what happened I went out and saw so life out there. I saw a man that must have been coming back from work, because he was in his brown mechanic's like trousers that looked oil-stained and he was way too dirty not to be coming from work. So I walked to the church.

Just got here and some lunatic just sprinted towards me like there was no tomorrow! So I got inside the church, and imagine my surprise to fall on many tents picked inside the church! So I turn back and see that the Yellow-shirted guy white a hat went walking the other way. The guy probably knew these people and most propably wasn't in good terms with them so he decided to flee. That was strange, i did expect to find some survivors, not a camp! Instead i found the total opposite. when i realized what people would think if people noticed me walking a camp that is not mine. That's maybe what the yellow guy did; He went to warn the people who lived there. So everything took in consideration i decided to take off."

The next Log we found was very short, written on a piece of paper, that maybe the owner dropped. We are not even sure it actually was Mr. Belmont's writing. here it is;

"I heard gunshots. Got me scared. I mean, i do know that people tend to get violent and possesive over the slim items they have but to the point where they would shoot at each other? It's probably just someone hunting some kinda critter, right? I saw a couple of rabbits running through the city, surprisingly enough."

We found this last writing inside an hospital in the same city;

"PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!! One of those lunatic actually charged me! I swear to anything that's holy! I manage to find some crowbar to defend myself! the guy kept trying to grab me! he even tried to bite my arm! What kind of sick (CENSORED) tries to BITE people. This is unbelievable; first i hear gunshots and then this guys.

Later on i heard an helicopter. Good chances are that they are military, I thought. The Vehicle landed on the top of some kind of tall hotel, i'm not sure what it was, i can't read russian. I saw couple of persons starting to run towards the machine and seeing them run like that i decided to do the same to be sure i wouldn't miss on anything.

When i got there nothing happened and all the people around me were so dirty and strangely... savage-like?! What happened some tried to go up some ladder and one turned towards me and i decided I would observe and see what happened but the man started to run after me just like the other did. Man i swear I saw blood on his face...

finaly the copter departed and without dropping any food or any kind of supplies. What was that all about, then?

After walking around a bit I found an hospital! Seriously that would be where i'd go in this situation. So i got there and the Helicopter was there!!! It had moved to the hospital. so since i was all alone with no civilian around i took on me to go and check. So i announced myself and went up the ladder that led to the roof. It surely must've been hard to land a copter on such a small roof so the guy HAD to be military. When i got there the guy pointed a gun at me, which is probably normal just to make sure a civilian keeps his distance so i didn't insist and even drop my weapon that i found in a house. a sidearm that looked pretty worn out. Oh well! The asked me if i was well and when i told him i felt dizzy he asked me a couple of questions and took care of whatever i had. it was great... up until the guy started to shoot at people down on the street!

I quickly got the hell away, down the ladder and stick to the hospital wall so he wouldn't be able to shoot at me if ever it occured to him to suddenly i was threat! Well, i don't personnaly don't know any psychopath but i didn't stay to ask him. Took cover inside the hospital then what seemed to be the whole city came down on us. two other guy got to the hospital and everything went so fast and a civilian jumped of me... i had to shoot! I NEEDED to shoot! I swear i would never do that. i heard a pack of gunshot and i started to puke... and puke, and puke... then fell unconscious.

you may want to laugh but this is no laughing matter. i'm no trained soldier, not some outworldly commando trooper! God damnit! fuck what did i do to deserve this."

Mr Belmont most assuredly isn't in the hospital anymore. We searched the whole place and many creatures were lying on the ground and no corpse seemed to be bitten or eaten. That being held in consideration i would not affirm that Christopher Belmont is aware of what situation he is in or what these creatures really are. we will be continuing on our search for Mr Belmont while waiting for further orders.

Land Trooper, out!

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It seems that Mr Belmont finally got to find some kind of protection. Good News, i guess. The following documents contain the know about the encounter and many other information about the current locals;

"What actually got me up was the sound of a very loud gun shot. Yes, gunshots, again. From the beginning of this journey (I don't know if I call really call this journey) that all i've been hearing; freakin' gunshots.

I could not see a thing outside, it was pitch black night time. I don't recall nights being that scary. With these rampaging civilians and the seamingly very well armed people i really don't know where i should be. But everything tells me i should never should have accepted this job.

So, assembling what i have left of balls I took my crowbar and my empty pistol out for a tour and got out of the hospital. This city, whatever it's name is, is really calm during the night. Not that it makes it less freaky. After walking for a few minutes i see some light in the distance. A building, in construction it seems, that is pretty apart from the rest of the city. A planned expansion for this sector, maybe? In any case i went there only to hear guess what? Some more GUNSHOTS! Seeing a bunch of the civilians converging and massing near the location where i was heading I figured the sound baited them there.

arrived there by some much needed sneak thatwere made possible in no small part due to the hide-and-seek skills of my childhood, there were two men discussing pretty violently, arguing about some weapon i think. At one point the guy inside the building yelled not to move or I wouldn't know what was coming to me. not thinking he was talking to me i kept on moving towards him, because i was armless and weapon less. Just as i was hiding in a safe distance to speak, he threw a road flare in my direction and repeated his instructions ofr me not to move... I was so scared, What the hell is it with these people! after many long ... seconds... of speaking, i waited for the other man to get his attention to move away as fast as possible, which bore fruit because i am currently writing this."

The next entries are about the encounter with a certain man named Alec Sergei;

"I got spotted. A man, probably mid twenties and armed like all the others. he spotted me from a distance because of the damn Road flare i kept with me because i drop my freakin' flashlight some where! Or has he been stalking me? At that point I can't speculate on anything."

"Alec Sergei. He says he is from around, coming from the docks and spotted my light near the church. I never realized i came back to that damnable church! Still i thought he would've kill me for sure, but instead the guy offered me food. FOOD! No gunshot, no bad behavior, just food and even protection! He said he would help me and the guy wanted me to have a gun...

"This is the Jungle, Man! It's eat or get eaten!"

That crazy wanted me to have a machine gun! Told me that if i couldn't defend myself from the local civilian i'd die in a day or two. why do all people use guns! Don't they have some kind of registry like in Canada? The disease and the free guns make this place more of a clusterfuck than what it could be. Where are the military, where is the police? we finally get to some kind of orange house to have a shelter. this Sergei asked me if i ever hunted before;

-yes, i answered

-Then you take this gun or you just might as well be dead already, you hear?

so the guy pass over to me this long, wooden crossed hunting rifle, telling me it's name that i don't even remember... damn, this is going way to fast. I shouldn't trust this guy. As a matter of fact i shouldn't be trusting anyone. so we will be staying here for the night. I keep hearing the bell ringing while i wonder if i'll actually wake up in the morning...

Sergei is already asleep.. or maybe not... and I still don't know where the hell I am..."

We got at the location of this found paper to once again probably miss them only by a few hours. This man is hard to find. I do ask myself if the man, Alec Sergei, is a trained man and if yes did he locate us tracking mr Belmont. Also We have been attacked by the locals. The situation is getting out of hand. I hope HQ will be able to send us reinforcements very soon because at this rate, there is little hope for Chernarus.

Land trooper, Out!

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From what we managed to recover as proof and much inspection and investigation, we managed to track down Mr Belmont from is former location (being Chernogorsk) to is planed destination known at the moment; Berezino. I would like to make a request to HQ for permission to make contact with the target as soon as possible for the simple reason that we might just lose sight of the said target.

My request being said, here are the next log entry we found:

"I woke up this morning and you know what? something really familiar woke me up again! You won't guess what... Nope! No gunshot! this time it was hunger. I surprisingly managed to get some sleep. After to stress peak I was sure i'd do some horrible nightmare. but afterall maybe i was just way to tired to even dream. So I wake up and do whatever nature asks me to do before... actually realizing that i'm in a freaking war zone, full of freaks and mad men with firearms! That is also when i realize that Sergei fellow was there anymore. Lucky me at least he didn't killed me, not even took any of my hard acquired equipment. I know that a guy with some kinda AK type gun and some military equipment doesn't have anything to do with some pencils, papers, logs and any of my crapy stuff, but who in the hell whole doesn't need food, right? He didn't take anything at all!

So i decide to gather every ounce of courage i can muster. It was pretty quick since i had as much courage that i have good equipment. With that courage i made my way to the grocery store just on the other side of the street to find some food. And guess what... SOME MORE FAMILIAR SIGHT! BEANS!!! BEANS!!! That's is all I can find! Beans... I think i'm not the only one sick and tired of beans because that's the only thing i've being looting and all places! Could anyone let a can of Mac & cheese behind? Anyways...

I was eating my meal(!?) and that is when I heard an engine sound by the coast and approaching towards me. I looked through the window and saw my first ever working vehicle! OH JOY!!! So that's when i took a decision... to make contact with people on my own! I heard the car stop by the huge set of factories and finaly get to locate the red car by the hospital. My head told me "NO, no!" But everything else said "YYYEAHH!". Guess where i headed...

I get by the hospital pretty quickly, due to my relentless come and go through the city in two days, and at some point spot the car. i took on me not to steal a car and approach this situation with strategy, so i looked around. Pushing a little further i find a set of medical tents, so i took on me to gather medical supplies, not that would even know how to use them but hey.. you never know! you might actually meet soemone who knows someone you go trade these supplies with you! Guess what i found... another RED CAR! TWO CARS! There had to be people around.

I start announcing myself. Introducing myself. In vain... no answers. and that is when to freaks appeared. Those maniacs, shambling and looking at you like you are meat! I kept my distance thinking that it might actually be HIS car but the guy charge me... and i never knew reflex could be so wuick to learn but... i shot the guy with my hunting rifle. worst sound i've ever heard. the guy froze and fell down but the creep was still breathing. i freaked, panicked,Took the car and drove off as quickly as possible. The only logical thing that went through my head was that i needed protection and the only one i knew who could provide me with such a thing was Alec Sergei. I drove back to the best of my abilities at the grocery store near where we camped last night and someone was just out the grocery store... thank god Sergei was alive and well. Why did i think that when i barely knew the guy you would ask... there is no such thing as too much security. i felt safe with the guy and him being there, at the grocery store near the campsite meant that came back for me... it counts, right?

After much discussion while we were roaming the city of Chernarus, i managed to discover where Mr Sergei was heading. Some place named Berezino, if I recall. so he pointed me towards the right destination since i don't know a word of russian. So we head out to the said city and on the way, we start feeling some bumping inside the car. at the beginning we didn't pay attention but when we started hearing some coughing and moaning... we started to freak out! There was someone in the trunk! So i stopped the car and open the trunk of the car! A man was in there, i couldn't believe my eyes. I could not understand how he got there. We started talking and figured out at the end of a long discussion in the middle of the road that the man had been drug or something close to it and placed inside the trunk! Most certainly by the hand of bandits he claimed. Bandits!? really? After some more discussing the guy, which we never manage to actually get the name, get's his boxers all in a bunch and start saying that his friend is back in Cherno. having took his car and the man was definitly not even near to be in a stat to drive, i chose to help the poor sod and get him back to his friend."

This note was found in one of the tents where Mr Chris Belmont said he was looking for proper gear to equip himself. Placed on a desk, it was easy to find. Surpising that no one of the locals found it before we did. The next entry was picked up inside a car we found crashed east of Chernogorsk in the vicinity of the current construction site of the new factory. Very brief we may anticipate the worst but no body were found on the scene.

"When we got in Cherno, this is where the mess began. first we get to where we found the cars. Everything is going well, but then when we are looking for a way to open the apparently locked trunk of the other Red car, some more shambling morons came up to us probably after hearing the car rolling in the streets. Once again in all this madness, we were attacked by these people. The freaking 4$$H013 Sergei shot me in the arm!!! Barely a scratch i convein, but still!!! not feeling so good the guy finally got is friend, Jamie out. So we each took a car then drove out to Berezino. And then we .............."

A streak of lead bars the paper there. I think something happen and probably due to this car crash of some other car wreck laying in the middle of the street. Mr Belmont, if he was driving, crashed into it. in any case, this is the first entry that is not conveniently place. I would have to assume that Mr Christopher Belmont is leaving a trace or a path for some eventual survivor or maybe even us(?) to find and maybe locate him. The best course of action would be to procede towards Berezino and verify my assumptions.

Land Trooper, Out!

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We made our way to Berezino, and stopped by a factory for some fuel. There, while securing the perimeter, one of my squad member fell upon some dossier containing much more knowledge about what actually happened at the exit of Chernogorsk. And, also Mr Belmont got some info on the two other survivors that they seem to have found in two seperated car trunks. Here are the facts:

"They call those raving lunatic, walkers. As a reporter and a journalist I seized the opportunity to get the most information on what event might have occured here. And then I regretted for even thinking about asking. There name are Michael and Jamie. Two civilians that simply playing bowling, just before they saw their first "walker". The man came in, shambling, walking strangely and emitting weird growls. The the first thing they know, the man attacks the first person that tried to provide him with some visibly needed care. I could feel Michael's voice shake a bit as he told me the story. Jamie nodding his head in a dark approval. And for them that is how this nightmare started. Jamie remembered the days when he was a simple accountant with a distant smile. I remember Michael telling me what he used to do as a career before the crysis, but i'm way too embarrassed to ask him again. Sorry Michael. The worst in all that is that the only thing you can do while they reveil the truth about their grim stories, is... absolutly nothing, to be sincere. You agree the fall back to your place..."

"I didn't believe the guys; Mr Sergei, jamie and Michael, when they told me some people would actually profit from the situation. Bandits, they call them. Bandits, really? all ths shit is starting to sound like some bad Mad Max re-writal. I start to believe it when i heard gunshots while on the road. THEY FU***** SHOT AT US!!! Jamie got hit. Not too proud to say that i totally freaked out. What i really don't get though, is that michael totally stayed calm! AND JAMIE TOO! He freaking got shot, i thought he was going to die on the front seat. He was bleeding like mad and Michael kept rolling saying that if these guys had a sniper we would get killed as soon as we got out the car to help jamie. He said it was a risk he was willing to take. I just can't believe how the world as been turning to. How some noraml people like me , Jamie and Michael got trapped into this mess. And most of all how can they survive saying that it's "killed or Be Killed" without even fliching."

"Michael says that he actually lives in Berezino. he said he has family there and that he asked them to be waiting for them he went and get something down south to "Cherno". Never did he thought he'd end up stuck in a trunk i'm sure. from what i see of him and his behavior, I can definitly feel his nervosity and eagerness to get back home to his people. And from what i know, Jamie seems to be a friend of the family, therefore explaining their apparent cooperation in the current event. So we will be heading to Berezino's north district I think. he says it's an appartment complex with a grocery store right accross the street where we will be able to refill with much need food and other supplies. Here we go, then! Off to Berezino."

Many reliable informations were found this time. Specific goals pointed out by the Target, Mr Christopher Belmont. Also, those two other gentlemen look to have survived much more than we know in the current situation. definitly are some good assets. Still, much remain to be know about this Alec Sergei. But we keep on searching and head toward Berezino which seem to be the actual marked location pointed out in everything logs of Mr Belmont.

Land Trooper, Out!

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This is a rare sight for anyone that has been searching and trying to locate a person. We have found this log inside the exact location where the last entry pointed us to: Berezino, north living district, in an appartment sector right across the street from a grocery store. The following is quite poignant;

" We finally arrived at Berezino! JOY! We can't wait to get there! Michael, when we arrived by the city's docks, even started to sing. Incredibly well, must i say! this is very envigorating and makes us all hope for the best."

" As soon as we got to the Mike's appartment we splitted up, me and jamie inside the grocery store to get the night's meal and Michael went directly to his familly to look upon their well-being. jamie saw me and noticed that i was very pale. So i told him that I was feeling good, that I had a head ache since Cherno and i felt dizzy with my head spinning from time to time. As soon as he figured out what was going on with me, he start preparing his equipment and gave a transfusion and made me lie down a moment. He told me that before all this he was taking some medical classes or something close to it. I was very impressed, to say the least. While i'm writing this down he is scrolling through the grocery store's inventory. I think i might actually stay with these guys. It might be a little more enjoyable with some kinda normal people."

This last entry, I am transmitting it because it contains information that might help us in locating mr Belmont. Read this Article with the outmost respect:

"Michael was calling for someone. For his familly, said Jamie. So we went. Michael was crying. the appartment had been looted. the whole place stripped down to nothing but the tapestry and furnitures. He is crying so loudly. As i'm writing this note he is so sad and there is nothing I can do.He Started running all over the place, jumping from one appartment to another, searching for his loved ones. He had someone, a familly. Now we don't even know if he will ever see there faces again.Or even hold his child in his arm. Jamie and I told him that they surely went to someplace safer. Jamie saw some paper in the store saying that there might be a settlement up on a mountain named Klen. is it a safe Haven? i can't leave Michael to his own. he wasn't thinking clearly when we got into the car. the poor man is going crazy. I mean i'm not psychologist, but was is left in this world more than insanity when you lost the ones you love? We are gone to Klen mountain. It might be hard but i leave this on his desk saying this.




HQ, You have your information, I'm heading to Klen mountain without further adue.

Land trooper, Out...

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