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Newbie here! Experienced DayZ and Roleplayer

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Hey everybody! I'm looking forward to playing with you all. In RL, I'm a 26 year old dude from the US of A and I've got some experience in RP games. My favorite online RP experience was with a RP server when Star Wars Galaxies was alive in it's glory days. I was a Rodian (think Greedo) swordsman/rifleman in one of the top Imperial guilds on our server (ahazi). We were going strong up until the combat update that ran the game into the ground. We had a huge guild hall, our following was gigantic and our enemies were in the hundreds.

It's been nearly ten years since I did some legitimate RP in a game and I'm looking forward to doing it again in a game that I love.

My character's background is pretty simple. I'll be an American that was in the US Navy as a Corpsman (navy who works as a medic for marines). This character is based loosely on my RL Father's background. I thought it would be cool to use his navy history as a basis for my character's skillset, humor and tendency to cuss too much.

Thanks, looking forward to playing!


Desmond Adelaide, or 'Dez' for short, is a displaced twenty-eight year old

American from New Orleans, Louisiana. The Navy ship in which he was

stationed on was docked north of Chernarus at a small American Navy

outpost when the outbreak started. The months following the outbreak,

the Navy port was locked down and his small company of Navy Corpsman

were eventually overrun by a large group of well-armed bandits who

raided the ship during the night. Desmond was taken hostage by the

bandits for several weeks before he was able to escape from their prison

camp along with a few of his ship-mates during the night. They traveled

for quite a few months before his friends fell victim to illness,

disease and infection. Desmond now remains on his own in Chernarus,

trying to eek out a living and doing his best to comprehend the local


Desmond is a helpful individual with a good sense of humor. He has the

basic survival, combat and quick-witted thinking skillset that any Navy

Corpsman should have. He probably cusses too much, is slightly paranoid

and has the capacity to become angered very quickly due to his miled

PTSD. He is also somewhat skilled in the Medical background, having been

through basic combat medic courses and specializing in medical repair



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Welcome man! Good to see another American! Enjoy yourself and keep to the rules. Hope to see you in game!

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