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Slade Azarov's Story

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Chapter 1:

*You find a book, and its says...*

Hello, my name is Slade Azarov. I'm 24 years old, and I've lived in Chernarus my whole life. But when the apocalypse started, everything changed...

I was born in the UK, and lived there for 8 years, but we moved to Chernarus because my mum died. We lived in Mogilevka, next to the church. I had an older brother, and a farther who lived there also. My Dad moved out when I was 12. I guess me and my brother reminded him of her. We haven't seen him since and we don't know if he is alive or dead. Probably dead since he is an alcoholic. Our Aunt moved in with us, and she looked after us until we were old enough to leave. I think she knew Dad wasn't going to cope.

When I turned 18, I moved down to Elekrozavodsk to study. But that didn't last long because I wasn't smart enough. Who cares? Its not like I need the education now. Then I lived on the streets of Elekro for about a year. I could of moved back up to my Aunts house, but I didn't want her to find out about the bad news and disappoint her.

I got a job as a mechanic, fixing peoples cars, all day and everyday. It was good, and I love cars. But it wasn't what I wanted. I wanted more. If you work hard, you earn more. So I did work hard, and I earned more. I got up the ranks in the business, until I was assistant manager at the chop shop. It was great! But nothing last forever, as I was about to find out...

Chapter 2:

*You turn over to the next page*

I was fixing up a UAZ when all of a sudden I hear a massive explosion. Everyone stops what they are doing to go investigate. At first it looked like people were rioting. But that wouldn't make any sense because they would have nothing to riot about. I looked to my left and see a man jump on top of someone and bite there neck. I told him to get off, but it was like he wasn't human, and he started sprinting after me. I ran back to the garage, and sealed the doors shut. The screaming felt like it lasted forever. But eventually it stopped.

I opened a window to see if anyone was here. It must of been a few days since the explosion went off. I saw someone, but he looked like that person who bit the guy a couple of days ago. The city was dead silent, like there was no one here. There was car wrecks all over the roads, the windows were smashed in the buildings, I didn't recognise the place any more. I decided not to ask him anything, because I don't think they are human any more, I think they are... infected.

I went to the fridge to get more food and drink, but there was barely any left, so I grab a bag, and stuff all of it in. I go to my office and pick up my Glock 17 which I bought from a gun shop in Berizino, I reloaded it and put it round my waist.

I opened the window, and climbed out; I didn't want to open the garage because it was sealed shut and no one could get in without keys. And headed to the local supermarket, hoping I would not get detected. One of the infected was right at the door of the market, so I just shot him in the head, and moved in. There wasn't much food but it will do for at least a week combined with my own supplies.

This was all I wanted so I headed back to the garage, feeling pretty good that I wasn't going to die. But I was sadly mistaken when all I hear is...

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Looking good, should be good to read the next chapter

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