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Steven is a man in his mid thirties who, as of the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, is well-established in the business of kicking ass. Tallahassee is first seen Kicking Ass In The Zombie Apocalypse. Steven tells Travelers that before Zombie Land he had a dog which he loved very much and that his dog was killed by zombies. Later in the movie, it is revealed that the dog he spoke of was actually his young son.Steven loves Twinkies and is on a mad hunt for a Twinkies throughout the Apocalypse, regardless of the dangerous situations this tends to put him in. Stevens philosophy is that you should blow off steam every once in a while or else you will go crazy, and first demonstrates this by beating up a minivan with a crowbar. He also is a big fan of Bill Nye, to whom he cried out upon meeting him "God dammit, BILL FUCKING Nye!" Spending time with Teddy, Tallahassee found a replacement for His Dead Son; he saw Him as a surrogate child to care for.

The mourning, misty oak leaves weep

Warm dew drops falling from them sweep

Across cold stones in salty streams

Spent tears for Steven's broken dreams

Wolves howl under a death-pale moon

Dark sirens from the forest gloom

Black winds carry the raven's cry

Steve's severed spirit crossed the sky

Strong oak forest groans and grieves

For red drops dripping on its leaves

From a son who lies beneath the sod

In peaceful rest from loving God

The mourning oak tree sheds its tears

For laughter it no longer hears

Clear drops hang from limbs in sorrow

Drowns all dreams of hope tomorrow

Each night a father hangs his head

Against the dark, he cries eyes red

While Steven's dreams, in still-heart sleep

The oaks they haunt yet nightly weep

-Lawrence J. Bach

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All I know that the picture attached is from the galleries of Varusteleka (Military stuff seller) known as Lekalooks and that picture is called Anssi, the zombie survivor.

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