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[GAME] Our goofy countries

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In this game we come up with a series of statements about the countries we live in. Some of them are true, some are false. Then others will quess which are true and which are false.

Include the country you live in in the post.

After a bunch of statements have been posted, the winner is whoever gets the most correct. HOWEVER, to make the game move forward, only six fastest answers are included in the competition.

This means, when I post the first statements, six fastest answers compete for the win and the winner out of those six people will post his next statements.

The number of statements is not limited, however try to post more than two.

If two contestants have the same number of correct answers, the fastest takes the win.

Here we go:

My country: Finland


a) In July we celebrate the day of the nature. During this day, public nudity is legal.

b) You must pay TV tax in Finland, even if you do not own a TV.

c) Finland has been at war with the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

d) The finnish math education is officially restricted to teaching in hexadecimal system. Decimal system is unofficial and can only be learned by primary school children outside the classroom in private classes.

e) Finland is the first country to have unrestricted rights both to vote and to stand for parliament for women.

Submit answers in the form of:

a) true/false

b) true/false

c) true/false

d) true/false

e) true/false

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