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The Tiddles Chronicles

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Running through the forest, the damp grass gripping at my shoes, making each step another challenge, I am feeling lightheaded, I am seeing in black and white, I struggle to hold my backpack, full of supplies for them. I press on but the silence is deafening, I start talking to myself and so I whisper to myself

"My name is Tiddles."

"But My Name is Dath."

I stop dead in my tracks.

Gunshots ring out in my head.

Their screams wont leave.

Their blood is on my hands.

"Its your fault. " I hear a voice from the shadows.

I turn to face it. I see my family.

"You can't be here! I saw you..." I yell at them, tears streaming down my face.

They say nothing and stare back.

"Nothing is left of you!" I scream at them.

Again, no response,

"Please don't. I can't. Again." I whisper.

They start to smile.

I scream at them, and pull my gun up, and shoot.

I fall to the ground, feeling dead and gone.

I awoke on the cold hard ground. once again in my personal hell, my gun lay beside me, empty, and my backpack had been emptied, my pistol was gone, and my gear was in tatters. I looked up, and could see the body of a man, woman, and a child. I stood up, my body shaking. The smell was overpowering, it was the smell of death and decay. As I approached, their wounds became apparent. Holes riddled the bodies, and yet, none were made by a bullet. They were almost unidentifiable, but my curiosity set upon me as I looked closer.

I gasped, I fell away from the bodies, and scrambled away till I hit a tree. I shook with fear, my hands grabbed on to something beside the tree, and I slowly brought it up into view, a small kitchen knife, covered in blood. I lost my breath, I closed my eyes, and counted to five






I opened them up, bracing myself for the harsh reality of the situation. But I wasn't there anymore. I was home. Laying on my bed, underneath the warm comfortable blankets, but it was cold outside, and my window was open. I was unafraid. This is where I was safe. I couldn't be hurt here. I threw off the blankets and walked past my desk, which had a kitchen knife on it and a small black of half carved wood. I stopped and picked up the wood carving. I passed it around each hand, feeling the grooves and the textures, It was hard and yet soft, the groves were deep and purpose full and it was starting to take shape. I could see the propeller and the cockpit, not done and very rough, but it was still a plane, I put down the plane and went to the window. As I approached the window, the door flew open, and all of a sudden, I felt alone, cold and afraid. But this couldn't be!

"This was my safe zone, I was safe!"

I told myself over and over again. and in came my mom, with a bottle in one hand and a gun in the other. She said nothing but drunken babble as she approached me. I was frozen in fear, I was lost, I couldn't comprehend what she was going to do. I saw my dad come into view, he started to sneak up to my mom, and something was in his hand. I thought, Count to five, and I will be okay and I can go to bed and this will all be over.


I was safe


No one can get me in here


I felt relived and alive again.


I am safe


I opened my eyes, but nothing changed. My dad attacked my mom, she shot into the roof, surprised, and he recoiled enough, to let her kick him and she took the gun down and pointed it at him. I jumped up and ran to my table, grabbed my plane and the knife. I lost all thought, I didn't want this. Sirens were going off outside, Blue and red were flashing, shining through the window. I ran behind them and.

I opened my eyes. I was sweating profusely, I looked around, I was back in the forest, the knife was cupped in my hands, the blood looked all too real. I got up, grabbed nothing, and ran into the forest.

And I looked back.

And they were standing.

and smiling.

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The story is great. Very we'll written.

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Good job Tiddles! You were a bit hesitant to tell me IG about your past and this gives me a bit of an overall understanding to what I already know, loving your character!

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