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Vadim Turenov's Backstory (Feedback and constructive criticism appreciated!)

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Well, here I go;

Vadim Turenov was born in the heart of Siberia, raised by an alcoholic as a father, and no mother. This meant that Vadim had to raise himself for about 13, brutal, heart wrenching years before he could move out, and he had even killed a man before he could even think about trying prove himself in the world, but that's another slow-paced story no one wants to hear.

Vadim moved to a somewhat "popular" town, if by popular you mean 20 people at max. But remember, this is Siberia, not exactly a thriving city. He got a job as a hunter, but wasn't very good at it, his boss wasn't in a position to fire him either, the town needed every able man for supplies. Vadim steadily increased his skill with the bow and arrow, and even the occasional double-barrel if he had brought in a big haul that week.

Vadim eventually got bored of his job and started looking for others, but unfortunately, there were none. He wanted to explore the world, he had heard about "cities" and "cars" but he had only ever seen military cargo convoys pass through the town. This thought sparked an idea in his frozen brain; the next time he saw a convoy, he would ask the person who looked the most dignified if there were any positions in the army, after all, he did want to explore the world.

It was another 4, boring months before Vadim saw a convoy, 4 months and 7 days to be exact. Vadim jumped at the opportunity to explore the world, so he rushed over to a T-72 with a commander turned out. Vadim explained to the commander that he wished to join the army, the commander let out a chuckle; "You believe you have what it takes to serve mother Russia?" , Vadim replied with; "Yes sir!" The commander asked curiously; "What are your qualifications?" , Vadim quickly replied "Well I used to hunt fo-" , "Good good! We will have you in uniform by the time we get back to base." With that the commander pulled Vadim in through the hatch and satim down with the crew. After all, the Russian army didn't have the highest standards.

Vadim learned quickly that being in the military is not all about exploring the world, and meeting new people. They had to wake up at 4 AM, bright and early if they wanted to avoid a beating. Vadim also learned that the commander who him's name was Podpolkovnik Anton Isaakov. They had become somewhat close, after all, two men will get to know eachother better if one is beating the other brutally. Eventually, him and "the boys" were deployed into a cover-up assignment. This meant killing any stragglers, burning documents/data, aswell as the corpses. Whilst checking one corpse, they quickly learned he was not a corpse at all, but a straggler. Vadim just could not bring himself to shoot the man crawling towards the fail-safe explosives. Wait, what?

After the explosion, miraculously, Vadim had survived with only half of his left foot blown off. He got to keep it as a souvenir. Although he would need that foot for work at the war criminal prison he was being sent to, his entire squad, wiped out because he was a coward. Well, all axcept for one, but he was in a max security insane asylum. The guards confiscated the foot and slapped Vadim for being a freak. Vadim winced and wiped the spit from his cheek. After 6 years in the prison, Vadim had gotten into heavy drinking, a very bad attitude, but word got out that a new warden would be replacing the old one, who died to mysterious, rebellious un-prisoner related circumstances. Rumor was, that the warden was a retired military high-up.

Vadim's suspicions were confirmed. It was Podpolkovnik Isaakov, now Major General. Vadim wasn't suprised, Isaakov was always keeping disobedient recruits in small holes he dug for punishment. Although he learned that he had gone through therapy after retirement and supposedly left that psychotic drill sergeant character of his behind. Vadim wasn't so sure. Vadim still looked up to Isaakov, but he had issues like everyone else. Issakov was genuinelly quite suprised when he first found out Vadim was still behind bars, they had a chat and Isaakov decided that Vadim's time was up. That was his last mistake, it had been him who put Vadim there in the first place, and Vadim would make sure that Isaakov never left that prison.

Vadim had to flee, somewhere no one would look for him, somewhere that no one would care about, somewhere that didn't care about what he had done to Isaakov. He finally decided on Chernarus, a rural shithole that didn't like Russia to begin with, he left on the soonest flight possible. As it turns out, the russians were planning on Isaakov being assasinated either way, so Vadim had fled through the country like a rabid dog chasing it's own tail. Unfortunately Vadim had no money to return, so he turned to begging.

Vadim was still an alcoholic, and his withdrawl was getting worse by the hour, he had to do something to make money for alcohol, and fast. He ended up getting enough money to buy himself a half empty bottle of cossacks vodka. This was enough for awhile. With his mind straight he decided to get a job and an apartment, and he succeeded, for the most part. It really didn't suprise Vadim when he walked outside from his 3 room apartment when the street was covered in dry blood and burning oil. Along with the corpses chasing cars and whatever moved. Vadim took this moment to go back inside grab his stash of high-quality smuggled vodka stash and hit the roads, looking for a purpose in the shit-hole still called "earth."

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