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Ban Appeal - Axel Jones

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I believe my death was a separate incident to this, and that I should not have been banned as part of that situation

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I had just left TP and saw a UAZ in the forest. Asked a few times over VON if it was anyone's car and got no reply so hopped in and started driving off. Shortly after I heard a voice so I stopped the car and got out to talk to them. I was shortly shot at and returned fire, dieing soon after. I only found out 5 minutes later after searching for the person who killed me on TS that he was SDS, as I thought it was an illegitimate kill. That is when I found out SDS had KoS on E1 due to the previous encounter that I wasn't aware of.

As the above statement has explained, I believe I was not part of the situation in which I was banned for. I had no idea about the previous encounter, or who the car belonged to. I followed all rules that are required to take a car, and had no clue as to who the owner was until I went on TS after being killed to talk to the assailant and find out why I was shot, and that is when I found out he was part of SDS, and that SDS had KoS on E1 due the the previous encounter.

16:01:51 "PKILL: Axel Jones (10956742) was killed near Rogovo [50:89] by Daheb Alemayehu (139719494) with weapon vil_VAL_C from 42.1285m"

If you speak to Daheb Alemayehu he can clarify me speaking to him on TS about it.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like to have my ban removed, as well as all warning points. I know that gear cannot be returned, so that is okay.

What could you have done better?:

Not sure if I could have done anything better. I followed the rules on taking a vehicle, and had no reply so I had the right to take it. I didn't know the car belonged to SDS, or that SDS killed me until after I had died and found the assailant on TS and spoke to him about what happened.

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I am requesting Daheb Alemayehu to present his point of view in this thread. This is not intended to be a discussion. Merely post your detailed view on these particular events.

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Guest Whazmeister

My friend James and I were stuck in the firefight with hostiles to the south, and hostiles to the east/northeast.

So James and I decided to take the UAZ and make a run for it, while we were leaving we were getting shot at, we drove around to the far south side of the firefight zone and parked our car in the woods to then go in foot and see if we can flank an enemy. Shortly after parking our vehicle we saw someone in Echo11 clothing with a PkP. We started to follow him to get shots on, but I think he drove away in the pickup.

We decided to fully retreat from the situation and I was going back to the car when I spotted a guy by our car. I closed in to say that it was our car when I saw it was Echo11, I then lit up the car with my VAL which exploded. He somehow survived and managed to shoot back, I then killed him and we left on foot.

I was never bothered by checking out his name, but I presume this must have been Kravok.

Note that I didn't shoot because he stole the car, but because he was echo11.

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Appeal Granted


From the facts it becomes clear that Kravok did not use the KoS rights he got from his clan mates previous actions. He attempted to steal a car, an action that is not against the rules. When he did in fact shoot back it was only after he himself got shot.

Logic dictates that if he did in fact intend to use the KoS rights that had been previously illegitimately gained then he would not have put himself in such a poor situation. With that in mind we can see no evidence that Kravok himself attempted to use improperly gained KoS rights.


All Punishments Revoked.

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