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The Breaking of Minds

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Damien Cross

North of NW Airfield

Possibly May

Close to Midnight


[i found a small shelter to protect me from the storm, I quickly lit a candle wick that I had begun to carry with me in my travels. I then the dug into my backpack and quickly pulled out my journal. My hands were shaking as I began to recreate my experiences onto these pieces of paper]

When this all happened I didn't know what was to come of it. There was a point in time where we all felt it was going to end in the blink of an eye.

But we were so wrong.

We were loosing, humanity was loosing to its darker much more vicious side. Thats when I met Michael Keytan, my best friend. But now I can't seem to find him. I know he's somewhere out there and we are getting out of this alive.

I soon began to help many of my fellow survivors, or thats what we call ourselves. I hunt, I fish, I loot. It's exhausting but hey it was never meant to be easy.

But this world has changed me, I have been branded, robbed, beaten, and have had lies about me spread from the mouths of fools.

My kindness now needs to be forfeited and I must fend for myself. I will converse with my fellow "survivors" but I feel it won't ever be the same as before.

[His eyes begin to grow tired, he looks at his broken watch, then back to his pen and paper]

It's time to move on from the old world. It's time I realized that sheer kindness alone can not help you here. I'm no longer the man I was when I entered this world. The Damien Cross you once knew is dead.

I've made my decision. And I will take it to my grave.

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