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Hey guys I am new at DayzRP.com i saw it fromm Psisyndicate. Im really good at RP and i wanted to join how do i join ?

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Hey man, Welcome to DayZRP.

DayZRP is a whitelisted community. This means that you need to sufficiently complete a whitelisting process, to whitelist you currently have to donate. There are a number of rules which you must read before applying for whitelist to both increase your understanding of how DayZRP works and to find the Rules passphrase. No one can help you in finding this passphrase.

For future reference there is a FAQ and list of staff members who are willing to answer questions asked to them via PMs.

Further information can be found in the link that mantispro13 posted: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-how-to-join

Best of luck in your application, I will mark this as solved.

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