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Best Time Of Your Life?

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So, what was the best time of your life?

you can answer:

IRL best thing and DayZRP best thing :).

I will kick us off:

IRL: In Year 5 when i was even more kid-like my dad came back from his 6 month tour in afghan and came into my lesson, i cried alot, will never forget it :).

DayZRP: Being let into NRF and meeting Connor, Daniel and Charles, but most of all Misty and Wunsleh <3

Also, i can answer Hofer's and Terra's for them, DayZRP: CLF (Time of their life obviously!)

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IRL: Going to the Maldives, best place in the world <3

DayZ RP: Shooting a b-e-a-utiful rocket at a CLF rocket through a forest and taking it down. It was so damn perfect.

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