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Guest JohnAtkin

Dr John Atkin - My Patients - Entry #1 - Jeff Woods [WIP]

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Guest JohnAtkin

My name is Dr John Atkin, back in England I used to take care of the clinically insane. Well technically, I still do. I have many patients who I still care for, even during the apocalypse, however I can't take all of the credit, they help me a lot too. This entry is based on my oldest and closest patient, Jeff Woods. Let me tell you his story...

"Jeff was a good child, for the most part. Up until the age of six, everything was okay within his brain, from what I can tell. He was adopted very young, his adoption father, Charles Woods took him in off the streets. Then at the age of six, him and his father returned to that same street, Charles told him about the 'adoption'. Shortly after this revelation, it happened. A man appeared from the shadows, pulling a gun from his coat.

"Throw me your wallet, any jewellery you have on you!" the man in black shouted.

"Okay. Let me just grab it from my pocket..."

However the robber saw this as an assault attempt, shooting Charles dead.

That was when something exploded in Jeff's head, eventually driving him to me. He got violent, very violent. He never cared about anyone, that is other than myself.

He was adopted many times after that. About 12, if I'm not mistaken. Always being removed for the same reason. Violence and insanity. Until eventually, at the age of 15, he was left alone on the streets to fend for himself.

He was then brought in to me after the murder of two innocent men. He was in my care for 3 years, up until a year ago when I planned to take a trip to Russia. He wouldn't let me leave, never violent, but with extreme protests. I reorganised things for him, we took a private jet out. Of course he was cuffed, but as soon as I took that toilet break... Pilot murdered, we crash landed here. That's our story."

This is his story, poor kid. I still care for him, he cares for me. We are surviving this, along with my others. I hope that we can expand, return to a safe place soon... Until next time.

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