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The Face behind the Role-Player

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Greetings fellow Role players!

I thought it would be interesting to see what it's like to see the "real" player behind the in-game character. *ohdear*

I know, I know... You'r probably thinking I'm a 16 year old squeaker just posting to get a few likes.... Well you'r wrong :P

I'm actually 22 and I'm not exactly Prince charming, and slightly bored >.< *rolls eyes*

So the Rules are Post a "real" Portrait/Picture of yourself or make it interesting and post a Cosplay picture of yourself *raises eyebrow*....and for everyone's sake... no nudes, this is not P**n.

Share with all your mates because you love the DayZRP Community. (Y)

*No Flaming or naughty language* The admins are watching.....always [-].[-]



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lolz Forget that one, we need a new one damn it! People age remember...not me though


Edit - It's in the past man, let it go *nods* I know it's hard...lol

- Ah crap, just found another thread. sheeeeeeeeeet

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Guest Biiddy

Closing this as there is already a thread on it here.

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