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The Life of Vladimir Petrov Pt:1 (alt hist)

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'Hey, Hey Vlad' a voice came from my right and a fist lightly hit the top of my helmet.

'What?' i replied angrily as the fist had woken me up from my nap.

'i am goin' to get summit to eat and drink, you want some?' the voice asked me, i nodded and said thanks.

Well I was awake now, i lit a cigarette and leant back against the perimeter wall, and exhaled heavily. i glanced down at my watch, it read 2:35 AM; I often pondered to myself why i decided to work as a guard for the settlement, but i realised, there are not many opportunities these days where you get food, drink and somewhere warm and safe to sleep.

Ever since the Fall of Prud, Alter Castle and the De-salination plant near Berezino more and more refugees and survivors have been moving into the settlement as many people saw there was hope for the Human race there. the once empty trade zones had become a small shanty town area accompanied by a small tent city.

Because i was a guard i had accommodation within one of the inns around the trade zone. During the day there were survivors and traders who visited the area, they came from small Human Settlements around the area. The Economy in the settlement consisted of Supplies, medication, guns and ammo. this had become the way of life as now monetary means of trade were now worthless.

Within the Pulkovo Settlement, there was around 250-300 people who lived there permanently and there were around 30 guards, that patrolled the zone from thieves, bandits and the infected; overall life was good here. There are also some para-military groups who come to the area from time to time, these are Black Hat Militia and The Outpost Rangers. The trade zone was established 18 months ago after the fall of Prud and Alter Castle. The Chernarus Trading Coalition, who were the people who designed and constructed the trade zone, did a fine as the trade zone still remains strong.

All i remember before finding this place was waking up with the wreckage of a plane around me; i was told i had amnesia and i don't recall any memories of people that i knew before the outbreak. I spent around 6 months wondering the wastes of Chernarus, Before i met Jaxon; Jaxon is an American who was in Chernarus on Business. All that remains of my previous identity was the bag that i had when i woke up, that contained my passport and various other items such as my Ipod.

I plugged an earphone into my left ear and out my ipod on shuffle, i laid even further back trying to keep warm next to the fire as this was a cold January night, and the snow would start soon.

'Oi Vlad, come and get it, while its hot' a voice shouted; i turned, it was Jaxon, i smiled back

'Thank you comrade' i shouted back. Jaxon had a bottle of water and a can of Beans that was steaming in the cold. Jaxon sat down next to me held his hands over the fire after giving me my dinner; i scoffed it down like a tramp eating chips. In the distance there was a set of head lights, lighting up the path in front on the truck. As the Truck approached it became clearer; it was old yellow, rusted and bore the BHM insignia; as it pulled up the truck was riddled with bullet holes,

'another run in with B-17?' i joked. the driver threw down his Driver's License, i nodded at Jaxon and passed the ID back.

The were reports that a medium sized Infected Horde htat had most likely been attracted by the light and noise of the settlement; was heading this way and that all civilians were to be rounded up and put into the safety zone. Several Men carrying a Browning M2 came to our position and told us to ready up; i picked up my trusty Mossberg 500, that i had nicknamed 'Stalin' as everyone who crossed it had died. we were perched upon a wooden ramp over-looking the wall. then the search light turned upon the horde, hundreds of small LED like eyes reflected back; then the deafening sound of the heavy machine gun ripped apart the silence of the camp, we were told to open fire, then the flashing lights of shotguns, assault rifles and light machines guns destroyed the darkness. it looked like a fire work show.

By the time the horde had been dealt with it was sunrise and i felt like one of the infected; as i was plagued by tiredness. Needless to say when my duty was over, i slept for the longest amount of time i have ever slept for.

Thanks for reading, Jake

May Long you be prosperous, and not be robbed by B-17 :P

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