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Late flower In Bloom

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Have you ever past through a garden in the late spring and observed upon her delight?

All the flowers blossoming out into warn spring air catching the rays of the light, each one as beatiful and outstanding as the other? Nobody sit's down and really observes one patch more than the other, we both know that we don't now don't we?, but the ones that do, they never take interests in the ones streching out to you, but the ones in late bloom. We all tend to sit back and talk to her and try to encourage her to blossom, quoting she will the most beatiful of them all extending our compassion onto her so she can be like the rest, but different, she will be your creation.

Now isn't that the case with Mis Conview don't you think? With a delightful smile she comes to you day by day to help each all of us in this little world. A small flower with such to prove to us all. Everything to offer and all to give, she is our little flower in these lands, young, beatiful and most certainly.

Not Safe.

South Zagoria is not a safe place for Mis Conview, no, let's be less formal shall we? We are not work men nor are we enemies but I am your narrator, the entertainer! and you are the listener , lets call her by her first name, we both know.... Cristina... Cristina Conview. That's what her parent named her after, only her mothers side listener.. Remember that well.

Cristina hated everything about the old world, mind you, don't we all? She hated it for it's lack of compassion to people like or surounded, everyone picks on the late flower but with all it's faults and hick. She misses it dearly with all her heart with nothing to spare. Where did Mummy go Cristina after the outbreak Cristina?

Mums told me took find myself Narrator Sir! She reponds in a meloconic voice staring at us both with a huge grin on her young face under the huge red tinted gas mask. That mask who mums gave her after the outbreak, where they both lived in Valencia, the city where her brothers lived to such a close nit family, yet none so close...

Yes! Very good Cristina, she knows the plot as well as I will let her but only while I let her so, once I say no... She shall forget or I shall force her to. It's the advantages controling the story listener so listen well. Let's continue shall we?

Listener, let me adress you a few things about Cristina: She isn't much of a talker, infact she is quiet naive to most part's, she can hardly hold a gun to most parts... Always Had Step daddy there to pick her up.. She is good with a bat but no infected blood has touched it since the most part.. Our young flower isn't much of a fighter as a talker, we all can't hurt her, shes to naive to bother. Best way to survive most say don't you agree?

One would question her actions won't you think? Then why leave the safety of home? Well if she didn't leave we would not have no story no? But yet us be fair with our young flower we can't just tell her that, no, let's say she searches for her brothers.. Joseph Conview and Alexander Conview no? Mums told her of them after the outbreak.. Cristina even lived close to them in salvacion ironically enough listener, mums never td her of them though, until the attack.

Cristina followed her brother as soon she learnt who he was, she left two days after her brother did with her step daddy bless his soul for coming along since mummy died he had been so glum. A young girl should not go alone you know. Always needs a guardian and after a long treck she finally arrived to the lands of her brother, let the search begin listener.. Daddies gone back home now and it's almost summer... You need to blosdom soon sweet cheeks.

//this is a experimentally alt character with a writing style influenced more for reading that "personal journal" than decent into decay. Hope you enjoyed and faults, tips or pointers would be loved!

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