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Kim Grome, Soldier of the USA-R - Read more

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Kim Grome born 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He always had an interest for helicopters since he was young. All since Kim was little he had lived with only his dad in the family. Sisters or brothers did Kim never have and his mother Pauline died a couple of weeks after he was born.

A civilian helicopter pilot was Kim's first thought about his future life. He did, at the age of 21 start to study at Gothenburgs Aviation University.

One day Kim speaks to his father, Jan.

- Hey dad, I was thinking about something today, something.. different, said Kim and scratched the back of his head.

- What's on your mind? Jan said and looked surprised at Kim.

- I... I was thinking about joined the Swedish Armed Forces as a military helicopter pilot, said Kim and felt his mouth getting dry.

- I don't like that idea.. I know you have a big fire for flying helicopters.. but can you just try becoming a normal one? If you study for another year and still want to join the military then do what you have to do but please give the study another shot, said Jan and looked sadly at Kim.

Kim did continue to study for an year. The studies was time consuming and not really what Kim wanted to do. After the semesters he sat down eating dinner with his dad again.

- What is it? Kim said and poked the food.

- Salmon with some spices, said Jan and smiled.

Kim sat down and sighed. He took some Salmon and put it on his plate. Then he started eating.

- I would really like to join the military dad... Kim said and looked in to his fathers eyes.

Jan sighed.

- Okay, okay... But if you're going to seriously join the military Sweden is not really the place.

- What's wrong with the swedish military?

- Well, if you're going to join a real military organisation that can protect a country, Swedens military is way too small, Jan said and looked down at his plate.

- Hmmm.. that is true. Maybe the US. ARMY? Since that is one of the worlds best and modern military.

- Yeah that would be a choice, Jan said and smiled.

Swedens military had rapidly decreased in numbers the latest 10 years and the most of military guys moved to other countries that cooperated with Sweden.

After some months Kim actually moved to the United States of America. He got a nice apartment to settle down in. After a while in USA Kim sent an application to the military. It did pass two weeks before he got an answer. Kim Grome was accepted.


*Kim starts scratching an ink pen to get it working*

Hey dad.

I do not know how to express me in this... I just wanted to write down my feeling about the first weeks of the US Army. I have learned a lot of english I must say, my pronoucation have been better but I still must say somehow everyone seems to be guessing where I'm from at the first try.

These first weeks has been though, real though. I have been screamt on, had to clean up disgusting things and just been tired of the hard discipline at this training camp. I got accepted some weeks after I moved here. They took me in as an infantry soldier, may not have been exactly what I wanted but I'm happy.

This whole week we have been firing guns. You get to choose between some M4 variants or some MP variants. I have seriously found my favourite gun, which may seem weird since I didn't even have an interest of this before. My favourite gun is a M4A3 which is a variant of the M4 class. It looks nicer than a normal M4A1

but has a grip and some other nice adjustments. I also like the red dot sight or as in the military "CCO". I have no idea if you will understand anything what I'm talking about now but you can google it.

The whole training camp have been holding classes to teach us about this new desease as you may have heard of. You know the one that turns people into dead cannibals. I have learn shocking things about this desease, I may not be allowed to say this but... Basically everyone has it dad... It is when they die they turn.

Just be careful but don't worry too much. But dad, be prepared that I may go out to other countries to help out with this problem, I will be back don't worry about that either.

I now have big pain in my arms and chest after a though day with a lot of pushups and pullups. I must say, after we meet again you won't recognize me. I miss you dad.

See you soon, I will be writing more of these.

With all regards.

- Your son, Kim Grome

*Kim shakes his hand because of pain from writing too quickly*


After some other weeks of training Kim gets the news that he is enough educated for now and will probably be deployed in some country to help with the invasion.

Kim takes the train home from his training camp. Finally home Kim throws himself into the bed and sighs. A week flies by and suddenly Kim gets a text

- Meeting in three hours, you know where, come as quick you can.

It is Nick, his army buddy that usually informs people of these things.

Kim gets to the meeting in time. Well there he and his group of 50 other soldiers gets informed about that they are getting deployed in a place in Russia called Chernarus. Their mission is to go there and help out CDF with the infection.

The leader says it is critical and it's a big chaos down there.


Kim hears the loud engine of the helicopter he sits in. He is leaning against the side of the door and looks out the open door down at the country of Chernarus. He can smally glimpse some weird people walking strolly down at a nearby village. Kim points out his hand and screams.

- What the fuck is that?

- That, my friend, is these called Zombies. Pascal screams to overwin the sound of the helicopter.

Once arrived at the CDF headquarters Kim and some of the other soldiers gets welcomed by CDF's sergeant. Sgt. Pavlowianky tells them about the situation.

- I'm glad you guys finally came, the status is red. It's too much of those things and we need some real military force to transport civlians and shoot these cannibal things. Where are the others? Sgt. Pavlowianky asks.

- Don't worry they will arrive soon in separate helicopters, we can't have 50 people in one small helicopter, haha, Kim said and laughed.

- Of course, have you seen any of these dead but living cannibals before Kim? Sgt. Pavlowianky asks and looks at Kim seriously.

- I'm pretty sure we call them "Zombies". But yeah I actually saw one on the way here sir. Kim says.

- Okay get your guys ready, we will go for a raid soon. Says Pavlowianky and does a salute.

- I'm not the leader but I will inform him. Kim says and laughs.

Later that night when all the troops arrived they started a mission for the night. The mission was to infiltrate Stary Sobor, a city on the list. The infiltration was about going in there getting civilians into safety and eliminate any zombies that came in the way.

Everyone was geared with silencer since they were aware of the zombie hordes that could happen sometimes.

Once arrived near Stary Sobor, the around 200 men of mostly CDF and some US. Army troops split up in different directions to rush into the city. Kim was in a small group of 5 people. They started scouting with binoculars to get a view on how the city was like. After I while they get permission to move in.

- Okay guys let's go, Kim whispers and waves his hand forward.

They got in from the soutwest side and went to a lake where the small group split up to check the two houses on each side of the small pond. Kim and Ricky checked the left house.

They both sneaked in fast and looked around. The house was pretty big and they saw the blood path on the stairs.

- Oh shit, I think something has been going on here, Kim whispered and looked at Ricky.

- Yeah, Okay you check the right door and I will check the left, Ricky said quietly and pointed at the door.

Kim rushed in the door at the same time as Ricky. Kim saw a man bending over the table. When Kim came closer he saw that this man was fully eaten by a zombie. Suddenly he hears Ricky scream from the room next to him. Kim run and comes into the room.

Ricky is getting attacked by a zombie, Kim does a quick reflex and shoots the zombie at the chest. The Zombie falls over but you can still hear sound from it. Ricky stands up quickly breathing heavily.

- That was close, Ricky said and whiped his sweat away.

Kim then shoots the zombie in the head. Then the Zombie suddenly stops moving and sounding.

- I think you seriously need to shoot these zombies in the head or they won't die. Kim whispered and looked scared.

A small scream is heard behind them and in comes a zombie. Kim tries to shoot the zombie in the head as he just learned. He misses. Then Ricky takes his rifle and hits the zombie so it falls on the ground and then shoots it in the head.

All of sudden they hear screams and mumbling on the radio. Kim takes it up and tries to listen.


- HOW IS THE SITUATION? Kim screams on the radio.


Kim and Ricky opens the door and runs out of the house. Just 50 m from them they see 15 zombies going around and they also see some zombies eating on some soldiers.

- That can't be...Kim thinks and gets a bad feeling.

While Kim and Ricky gets closer they see that it is the soldiers from their group.

- Fuck! Ricky screams.

Kim sees that they are pretty much surrounded by zombies. Kim and Ricky tries to move stealthy out of the town but multiple times gets to hide for zombies. At last a zombie sees them. Kim takes a few shots as the zombie approach them, he misses and runs. He sees Ricky still standing there trying to shoot the zombie.

- Fuck it Ricky! Just run! Kim shouts.

Ricky hits the zombie with his rifle and starts to run. Kim tries to see anyone of the military, he fails and stops by a tree with Ricky.

- Okay let's try again to shoot that zombie, Kim says.

Ricky and Kim takes a few shots and hits the zombie in the head.

- These silencers is saving us from zombies man, Kim says and claps his gun.

- But they aren't completely silent, remember that! Ricky says and looks at Kim.

Kim and Ricky decides to go to a church near the town where the meeting point would be if anything happened. Kim and Ricky goes around the whole city to the church to avoid zombies. Once arrived they see that the zombie is pretty clear of zombies so they decide to go in to have a look.

- Fuck, nobody here... Kim says and stamps on the ground.

Both Kim and Ricky goes in the church and has a seat while Kim takes his radio up.

- Kim Grome to ... anyone, over, says Kim and repeats it a couple of times.

No one responds. This surely is getting Kim scared and worried. They start to hear moaning and other type of screams that sounds like a zombie. Kim feels his body just pounding.

- No... Kim whispers and lays his hand on Ricky's shoulder.

Three zombies wanders in the church screaming and going at Kim and Ricky. Luckily the church is big. They start to shoot and takes down two but as in a nightmare more zombies appears at the door and walks in.

- SHIT, NOO, screams Kim and starts to breath heavily.

Everything that can be hard now is just silenced guns being fired and zombies screaming. Kim feels the adrenaline rushing as he reloads and continues shooting. After 5 minutes did they kill 8 zombies but it's still about 4 left. Suddenly Ricky says the thing you don't want to hear in sticky situations when you need to defend yourself.

- I'm out, Ricky screams and looks at Kim.

Kim feels the pain go through his body as he hears that. Kim throws his pistol at Ricky.

- This will keep you going for a while, says Kim and takes on a fake smile.

After a few shots he hears Ricky screaming as he trips over and gets attacked by a zombie. Kim wants to shoot the zombie attacking Ricky but Kim is getting attacked aswell. A few shots gets fired at the zombie and as he is about to shoot the zombie attacking Ricky, he hears Ricky scream loud in pain as the zombies gets bite of him.

- NOOOO, NO, NOO, Kim screams and fires his last magazine at the zombie in frustration.

As Kim only has his rifle with no mags left he hits the other zombie trying to attack him and then throws it at one of the lasts zombies and begins to run out of the church.

Behind him he could hear the zombies screaming.

Okay so this is a more expanded story of my USA-R character.

Please tell me if you found any errors in the text as I couldn't find any.

Thank you.

- Enar

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