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My Scrap Book

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So you've found my scrap book of things I've taken, made and decided to keep on my adventures around Chernarus. Bravo. Well I guess you may as well take a look inside.

Today, I went to the CTC's Trade Post, I was surprised with how much military things they had there, and how they just let people inside, with such military gear inside. Oh well, won't be my problem if someone takes anything...unless they take a tank and go on a killing spree...that could be bad for me I guess.

Anyway, here's some pictures that I took, and a few paintings I made from today.

Here's a painting of some tanks I saw at the Trade Post. I'm quite proud with how it turned out. It took a hell of a long time though.


I met some women at the fire today as well, she didn't talk much apart from say "I don't care" when I asked if I could join her and some other guy.


When I started heading off to the forest to find a nice tree to sleep under, I found a great view of the Trade Post, with a nice, clear night sky above it.


I tried painting this view, it came out OK. I guess I have a natural talent for this.


Oh, and I almost forgot. Some guy tried to commit suicide at the Trade Post today! Luckily he brought himself a lot of attention and people took him straight to the medical area immediately. I don't know if he's still alive...don't really care. I didn't know him.


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I would of killed the suicidal man :D

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I would of killed the suicidal man :D


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Didn't manage to see many new places today. Was too busy painting this picture.

It's of the Trade Post from a distance, with some of the surrounding places of Pogorevka. A town a few hundred meters away from the Trade Post.

I gotta say, it was a nice view, especially with the lights shining in the night.


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