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Guest alecvic905

Ban Appeal

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Guest alecvic905

[Link to the source of the punishment]


I Was saying Childish things for instance [i like your ass]

[i thought you was confundeling / raping the zombie ]

I am sincerely sorry to the person for having listening to that horrible stuff .

[Why the verdict is not fair]

I know I was in the wrong here and I apologize and I find it not fair because in the rules it states 7 day ban for trolling and that is what that was , but I got a perma banned and I understood why, I just thought it was a little harsh me having made up for my sins being banned for 7 months .

[statements against my POV]

This isn't about you killing me its about what you were saying. You said "I like your ass" and "I thought you was raping a zombie". That's not RP that's trolling. In your POV statement you said "But before leading up to the robbery i was trolling". Then in your next sentence you said "I Wouldn't say im bad rping or trolling all i said is drop your weapon i never really initiated hostile. thanks Smile". So you just said you weren't trolling then you were trolling. You pretty much confessed to trolling.

[What would i like to achieve in the ban appeal]

To be unbanned because i have payed the price for being a stupid person.

[What chould you of done better]

Not been a pathetic moron nad roleplayed it nicer without offensive things .

I Hope i get unbanned for the fact that im sorry and it will never happen again , and ive payed the price Thanks :)

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Your appeal has brought no new evidence to support your unbanning other than your apologies. We are glad you have apologised but that doesn't dismiss your actions.

We stick to the original verdict given by Elissa in the report because we cannot say it much better. Your actions have no place in our community and were only said to provoke and irritate other members. Other than that trolling, there was also the sexual side to what you said which is even more unacceptable.

You also made a second account today to circumvent your permanent ban which is a second perm-able offence. Do not create other accounts, we will find them and it just ends up as a waste of time for everyone.

Appeal Denied.

[EDIT & Update] Raging in other peoples ban appeals and calling me a douche does not help you prove your case that you have grown up, it does the exact opposite.

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Yes, your posting privileges have been revoked. Forever. Good luck elsewhere.

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