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DayZRP map addition requirements [Updated 2014/08/15]

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Updated 2014/08/15

This thread will describe all requirements and rules for map additions on DayZRP servers. It will be continously updated as we tweak the map settings or change the rules surrounding player made camps and settlements.

1. General requirements

  • To propose an addition you have to be whitelisted and have a minimum of 100 posts on the forums.

  • Every addition thread should have a detailed background explaining what the purpose of it is. The addition has to be realistic and fit into the setting presented in DayZRP lore and the ArmA2 lore in general.

  • Primary use of the addition should be to promote roleplaying, player interaction and create goals or objectives for other players. Additions should NOT be primarily used or focused on PvP, hoarding items and/or vehicles or used as a base to escape to every time you are engaged in combat.

  • All additions except for [MR] can not be placed where they would be considered hindrance to movement or activity of other players. This means it is forbidden to build settlements, PCBs or camps near major loot spawn sites, on the roads or near big cities.

2. Categories

Every addition should be put into one of these categories:

  • [sM] Settlement
    Official group settlement with full CR rights. These require an approved group with minimum of 10 active members.
    Settlements take priority above other camp types when aproving and adding them to the servers. Settlements are marked with error.png icon.
    [spoiler=SM Requirements]
    10 members - Small settlement - max 150 objects
    20 members - Medium settlement - max 300 objects
    30 members - Big settlement - max 600 objects
    The actual settlement size will also be evaluated, all settlements need to have at least 2 entrances.

  • [PCB] Player Controlled Base
    This type of build is not controlled by any group initially, but can be claimed by anyone who wishes to do so in game. There are no CR or special rules applied to a PCBs.
    [spoiler=PCB Requirements]
    Max 100 objects

  • [sSC] Small Survivor Camp
    A small survivor camp has no defences and cannot be taken over. These locations will act as resting spots for weary travelers and should not represent any kind of a base.
    [spoiler=SSC Requirements]
    Max 50 objects

  • [MR] Map Revisions
    These are ambient additions to the map such as adding additional objects to exiting areas to add or improve the apocalyptic feeling.
    [spoiler=MR Requirements]
    Individual project object limits. Must fit well with surroundings.

3. Additional information

  • Submission
    Create a thread in the settlement ideas forum. Each addition should be unique and must be created by you. Describe your idea extensively, your plans and people who are involved in the project. Include basic images, sketch over the base layout, role playing backstory. The more content you provide the more attractive the idea will be.

  • Status of completion
    It's very important to let the staff know whether or not you are satisfied and finished with your build. Until you are 100% certain you are done with your build keep your title as [WIP] (Work In Progress). This will help us know when to contact you about if and when we would like to add your build to the server. Once you are completely satisfied with your build and want it to be reviewed, replace [WIP] with [Finished] in the thread title.

  • Item Count
    Keeping item count low is always a good thing. When you finish your build, oppen you BIEDI mission folder (Usually location in Documents, ArmA2 other profiles, your profile name that you created the build with, missions, name of mission, then BIEDI file) and open with NOTEPAD++, click search, find the _vehicle_ and click count, this will tell you the amount of items in your build.

  • Pictures
    Take plenty of pictures from various angles to give a good idea of how big the camp is and its surrounding areas. Also included a location so others can determine if it is a good fit. If you want it to be left a secret, clear it up with one of the Developers as to whether the location you picked will be sufficient.

  • Editor work
    When adding wrecks, buildings or similar objects make sure to use EU_MAP packages, otherwise the objects will spawn zombies.

4. Template

Use this title for your submission:

[sM/PCB/SSC/MR][WIP/Finished] [Name of Addition]

5. Legal

By submitting a settlement, camp or map addition to be used on DayZRP you agree that the DayZRP servers and it's staff may use and modify your work without your explicit permission at any time as long as we give the original author the credit.

Thanks to Moxy for updating the guides and requirements.

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