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DayZ Restaurant

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Wouldn't it be cool to have some type of post apocolyptic restaurant? Serving all food available in DayZ. This would obviously be a neutral zone. Players could eat there, take food with them, and/or donate food.

Would have to be set near some trees so wood could be harvested. Probably near a pond as well for waterbottles and such. Tents with loads of food, cooked meat, and raw. Burn barrels would also be a nice touch.


Possible problems?

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Idea is okay, but in reality it would just get robbed by bandits etc. which would make people mad and stop going there. Besides there is OP already.

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If you put something like that up, it would get robbed to oblivion. The more people that go there, the more bandits that visit.

The idea has some merit, but I'd like to suggest the following:

Instead of a restaurant, make it a "food aid" handout service, maybe at the Trade post for safety. This would make more sense then a restaurant would in a post-apocalyptic world.

This is something the outpost already does(handing out food and drinks), but it would be nice(and its something I've considered for the future) to have a more personal touch to it and personally give people these things rather then have them themselves take it. There's plenty of room for roleplay there.

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This would be kool idea, possibly could work at electro or berenzino, where bar is right next to supermarket.

Just have very cheap weapon like winchester for self defence agasint zombies and you should be good against bandits

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If it'd be somewhere not popular to go to, it wouldn't attract customers, and that's the whole point, isn't it? I'd suggest either having a mobile resturant like a URAL, or something, or just accept the thought of getting robbed ^^

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Why not claim one of the bunker sized tents at the Trade Post and create a 'Steak Kitchen'.

If you keep a stocked up supply of wood you could create yourself a kitchen of sorts (or a bin fire).

Get a hunter to get you food then you can trade said food for other goods.

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