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warning point appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

It was a joke. To lighten te mood a bit on the forums. It was funny, because I made a report against a SDS member and now being one of the leaders myself. Also Allee is afk now and does not play at the moment so I found it funny to necro this. It was also a reminder at the same time that some reports don't get solved.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I can understand the GM in question did not see Allee was SDS and I am SDS. Also when something is typed its hard to see if its ment as a joke or not.

I asked to remove it before making this appeal to spare GM time. He told me to make an appeal. I only do this, because I don't like having warning points even if it is just 5. I asked it in a nice way btw.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

remove warning points(5points)

What could you have done better?:

Never Necro anything in formal reports anymore. I could also have typed 'close please I forgive Allee for doing this.'

What could the GM have done better?:

He could have just closed the report and acknowledged the fact that it was still unsolved after all these months. giving me points for it feels like bullying and really was not needed. We are a community, not a warning point society.

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One of those sections actually is not apart of the ban appeal template. What to do with you Oldman, it seems being appropriate is not one of your strong suits. The warning points were a response to your actions which as you said "was not needed". We do not allow you to get away with being a nuisance. If you had truly cared about the report it would have been mentioned long ago.

This is not to say this appeal is denied. Merely stating my displeasure at the situation.

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I know one line is not a part of that and understand if that might fail this appeal. It could be a good addition however to point out if the GM's judging said report missed out soemthing and you feel they should look in to that furhter.

I am not trying to state that Toorik is a bad GM, just that he missed the point of my post in that report. It was more like a reminder that some reports just don't get solved and found it funny it was against the clan I am in now.

Don't want to be a nuisance and don't feel I am to be honest. Just trying to keep the staff sharp.

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It wasn't just my opinion that gave you those points. We had a few people discuss it, none of which will be involved in this appeal of course. Just wanted to point that out.

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Hi Oldman

We did dicuss this case in Staff.

It´s what we do for every case.

For everyones Info, we never make a Verdict alone. So Toorrik didnt.

About your appeal:

You are long enough around to know that we take Formal reports/Report discussions very serious. Even they are over 1 year old, it´s not funny at all to just necroing. We dont want it; we gave points to members before for necroing and you know it.

About you changing the Template:

"What could the GM have done better?:"

Nothing. He did everything right.

It was you who did wrong.

I want to believe this was also a joke and I want to believe that you understand that this wasn´t funny either.

Here is something to think about for you:

Do you realize that you almost only have points because of Forum posts?

See this also as a Verbal Warning.

All in all we believe that it was not your intention and that you really wanted to make a joke. Just not funny.

It is more difficult to praise rightly than to blame.

Thomas Fuller


We will reduce your punishment from 5 to 3 points.

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