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Trade Post announcement thread

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The staff of DayZRP presents



What is the Trade Post?

The Trade Post is the first proper staff-hosted and staff-maintained settlement. It is meant to be a safe zone in the chaos of the lands of South Zagoria. It has a predecessor in the old Trade Post that existed about 16 months ago when DayZRP was a new community.

Like its predecessor, the TP is meant to be a safe area where aggressive actions towards other players are forbidden. As its name might indicate, it is also a settlement focused on trade and bartering, as well as the sharing of stories, ideas and experiences between players. In character, the Trade Post is maintained by the CTC - Chernarus Trading Coalition, a staff faction where the senior CTC members have CR rights over the settlement.

The Trade Post will be present exclusively on Server 2. Server 1 will be targeted at hosting player owned settlements instead, we are actively looking for groups wanting to establish their own settlement there, post your submissions in the Settlement ideas forums.

The Safezone and the Rules

The Trade Post is different from other settlements in DayZRP's history, primarily because it is run and maintained by the staff, but also because it is a safe zone. What does the safe zone mean? Pretty much this:

  1. No hostile actions within the safe zone. This includes initiating, threatening, stealing, shooting at, baiting or provoking.
  2. You are not allowed to enter if you have conducted hostile actions towards another player within the last 2 hours.
  3. No vengeance rights inside the TP. If you have these rights on someone and that person escapes into the TP, notify DayZRP staff and they will deal with it.
  4. The safe zone radius extends in a wide circle around the Trade Post. It is represented by the blue circle on -this- map.
    You can not set up road blocks within this area. It is also not recommended to put down road blocks within the general Pulkovo area as the CTC may see it as an attempt to blockade the TP and respond with mortar fire, among other potential measures. You've been warned.
  5. Only Senior CTC or staff have CR rights within the Trade Post. People with "rented" clan buildings have limited CR rights within their own buildings, but it is very limited.
    (more on this under "Trade Post Features")

You can find and read these rules in their more proper format here:




The Trade Post is located directly east of Zelenogorsk, just outside a village called Pulkovo.


The red circle roughly represents the area of the TP itself, while the blue circle roughly represents the radius of the safe zone.

Do note that if you attempt to block off the main approach roads close to Pulkovo, the CTC may take action to ensure that the TP is not blockaded by bandits. Remember, they have tanks and artillery at their disposal. Therefore, any bandits that want to exploit the TP traffic are recommended to do so at a greater distance.

Trade Post features

The Trade post is very different compared to its older predecessor. It is not larger, but it is far more detailed and has far more features. The map below is a rough version of how the TP looks from above.


1. The administration office is the large railway station-like building and the place to turn to for discussing any business with the CTC.


2. The military area is for CTC personnel only. This area primarily exists for the defense of the Trade Post and as a nerve center for CTC military operations in South Zagoria. Any non-CTC people without permission caught in the area will be removed and possibly loose standing with the CTC faction, as well as other IC consequences.

The military area has a number of vehicles, including tanks. But no, you cant steal them! They're all locked anyway. The CTC military tents offer lodgings to some of the local CTC forces.

3. "The Quiver" is the local inn, where people can find a good meal and a drink, as well as of course share a story or two.

They can also rent beds at the top floor, the only way for non-CTC citizens to find lodgings in the settlement.


This inn is run by TOR (The Outpost Rangers), whom is renting the space from CTC. Do note that TOR does NOT have CR rights in the Trade Post, but they do have some rights to remove rowdy and misbehaving guests from the inn.

4. The Medical Facilities is where the injured and sick of South Zagoria's survivors can turn to for help. The (in)famous Dr. Dax has an office here, and the CTC has been willing to lend him these quarters in exchange for his excellent medical services. The free medics run these facilities, but just like with TOR and the Quiver, they do not have CR rights in the TP, only rights to remove any rowdy or misbehaving patients from the facilities themselves.


5. Trade Post Residential Housing includes several large buildings packed together. They are relatively big structures, especially for the post-apocalypse. The CTC has gone into considerable effort(and used significant time and resources) to build these apartments properly. CTC citizens as well as certain CTC officers sleep and live in these buildings.

6. The Clan/Group Mansions is part of the CTC's efforts to "befriend" and build relations with as many local groups in South Zagoria as possible.


These three buildings can be rented as clan headquarters, recruitment offices or outposts. They will provide groups with a chance to maintain a place of their own in the TP where they can do whatever they wish, as long as it is in accordance with the TP rules.

However, various conditions apply to these buildings:

  • Only groups in neutral or better standing with the CTC can rent them. Anyone that has shown repeated aggression towards the CTC will be unable to use these services. But this also applies to TP visits in general, as obviously the CTC is not overly fond of its enemies coming to their place.
  • One group can only rent one building at a time.
  • The "rent" does not have to be in weapons or shinies or vehicles. Alternative "currencies" can exists, such as food, medical supplies or even favors and standing. And the "fee" will be fairly small.
  • The groups that "own" these buildings have limited CR rights of the building interior. That means they can police on who to let in and who to kick out. This right does NOT extend to the TP in general and only to the building itself. It does also not extend over the CTC, as its still their building and they can come and go as they wish. These limited CR rights also doesn't give the groups permission to kill anyone in "their" house. The only aggressive action permitted is the eviction of trespassers. Therefore, these buildings can not be used to house prisoners, slaves or hostages.
  • Since there are only three buildings but dozens of clans, there may be a "rotation" of groups if there's a line waiting. Who gets placed where and who gets removed can depend on a lot of things, such as when they rented the building, when they got in line, how they have behaved, their standing with the CTC etc etc.
    This potential rotation happens on a monthly basis.

7. The Trading Stalls is where most of the trade is conducted at the Trade Post. It is right next to the CTC administrative office, where the CTC handles any permits or deals that needs to be discussed.


This is the place to turn to for bartering, selling or buying various goods, weapons, tools and even vehicles.

8. The main parking lot. You can also park your vehicles elsewhere, as long as its not in the CTC military area or is blocking access or exit for other people's vehicles or individuals on foot.

The clan mansions

There are three clan "mansions" that can that be rented by different clans.

The exact conditions and rules for renting these can be read above under Trade Post features.


Nr.1 - The "Chernarus" mansion. - Currently available -

The Chernarus mansion has a CDF flag in front and is primarily meant for local native groups.

Nr.2 - The "Russia" mansion. - Currently available -

The Russia mansion has a Russian flag in front and is primarily meant for Russian groups.

Nr.3 - The "America" mansion. - Currently available -

The America mansion has a US flag and is primarily meant for western groups.

Currently BHM, USA-R and E1 are interested in the American mansion.

Volki are interested in the Chernarussian mansion.

SDS are interested in the Russian mansion.

TFW is interested in any mansion.

Discussions about who gets what first will be ongoing in this first week.

Oh and obviously the "Chernarus-russia-USA" divide of the mansion doesn't have to be spot on, groups can rent whatever mansion they think suits them the best. The flags and what they're "meant for" really isn't that important.

Background story

The Trade Post is not a new phenomenon. Back in the days of late 2012, a handful of gifted people with the right tools established a trade post building on top of Klen mountain. It lasted for a couple of months, but was eventually destroyed following an airstrike by people that remain unidentified to this day.

Ever since, people have tried to build various settlements and bases throughout South Zagoria, trying to settle down and make their existence a little less miserable.

But all of these settlements, bases and camps have faced the same thing: Unrelenting aggression and hostility from other survivors, many of whom have seen the settlements as easy stationary prey.

Some of these places managed to endure better then others, but in the end they have all fallen or been abandoned.

This new Trade Post may meet the same fate, but it is different in one fundamental way: It is being built, guarded and maintained by the CTC.

The CTC knows a lot about building, as it is largely what they have been doing since they rose to power outside Novigrad, Chernarus's capitol.

They have built and expanded settlements, villages and other trade posts all over Chernarus for over a year. These places and the trade they generate are the source of the CTC's power. It has offered them wealth, influence, supplies and above all, manpower.

And now the CTC has expanded into South Zagoria. The Trade Post is therefore not just a Trade Post to the CTC, but a frontier colony. It is the nerve center of all CTC activities and power in the region, and a vital stronghold and "FOB" for the CTC's campaign against the council forces.

This is why the Trade Post is built as much as a military fortress as a village, because the CTC fully expects attacks. They know that the council will learn of the trade post location despite efforts to make the construction as discreet and hidden as possible, and they know it will be a prime target for both air raids and ground assaults.

Therefore, the CTC has amassed rare assets like heavy armored vehicles and manpower at the Trade Post, and hope it will deter most attacks. Time will tell if that holds true.

Meanwhile, the Trade Post will also act as a "social center" where the CTC tries to befriend most groups in the region. If they aim to colonize this place, then it is not sustainable to be enemies with the groups in the region.

In the end, the truth is that while the CTC is certainly bigger and more well-equipped then any other group that's built a settlement or a hub in South Zagoria, they also face more challenges and have more powerful enemies. So the Trade Post is certainly going to be in for its share of tough times.

As usual, it will likely be up to the local survivors whether it endures, or if it joins the long list of destroyed or abandoned settlements in South Zagoria's post-apocalyptic history.

The "CR" Roster

This roster includes all members of the CTC that have reached the "senior citizen" rank. All staff applying to CTC automatically get this rank so they can police the TP.

Only people with these names have the right to police the Trade Post, no one else. Do note that FM members and TOR have -limited- rights to remove rude people from their various establishments. The same applies to the clans renting clan mansions.

CTC senior citizen roster

Arkov Nadyev (Tomeran) - In charge of the local CTC forces and Trade Post affairs.

Roger Kowalski (Rolle) - High ranking CTC officer.

Jake Greenfield (Graffels)

Bajko Grabovsky (Alyd)

Alice Cherovki (Firematt)

Mashtrim Gwarri (Bryan)

Jack Webb (PublicVoodoo)

Gordie Keller (Thumper)

Michael Denke (Tamaster)

Jonathan Stone (Caesar)

Ondra Markov (Chris)

David Morgan (Toorrik)

Nadya Valeeva (Gina) - High ranking CTC officer. (non-staff)

Anthony Corvo (Carib)

Alexander Orlov (Neom)

Pavel Dementyev alHashmi (Sin)

Caitlyn May (Arcus)

Frank Heller (Zhunk)

Igor Krasovsky (Kravok)

Glenn Malinski (Pandi)

Dr. Mathias Hofer (Hofer) (non-staff)

Jared O'Donnel (Krimbo)

Markov Yasha (Mush)

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Guest Ketamine

The detail is insane, I can see why it took so long. Good job guys cant wait to have a look at it in person.

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Love this

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I can't wait, my first DayZRP settlement. Server 2 will be popular for the next few weeks!

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YAY Our own little bit of home. :)

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I knew it was gonna be there.

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Oh, god. I wish I could be awake when the servers go up!

So excited. xD

I had NO idea it was going to be this amazing.

The RP... is just... *drools*

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This looks amazing. I am so pumped for this it's not even funny. So much hype.

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i'm looking forward to checking it out, role-playing in the pub :D

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Guest Shadow



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Guest neom

Its alive its alive, FINALLY all the work has paid of and shes going to be great I can not wait

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Guest whitepointer

Come visit, i'll give you a fresh beer! :D

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While I never got to see or experience the old trading post. I'm sure this one will have many memories in store for the future for everyone. :)

PS. I may a frequent patron of the bar.

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Its alive its alive, FINALLY all the work has paid of and shes going to be great I can not wait


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I will enjoy going there. Too damn bad I'm all the way in Berenzino.... anyone willing to give me a ride?

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i'm looking forward to checking it out, role-playing in the pub :D


Bartending RP? Cliche, but ALWAYS fun.

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Guest Whazmeister


still not 15:00

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Guest John Le Bear

How is player traffic going to be controlled?

Or is it going to be the same as the last TP, where half the server just sits there all day?

Oh, btw Connor GREAT FUCKING JOB! Well done!


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So many colours!


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The hype!

Good work!

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Guest johnygt7

#Inb4 people start hijacking cars from the parking slot

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this just changed my mind about the whole thing. great job, great thread, i'm wetting myself, look forward to going there. :P

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