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The Story of General Frost and DUTY

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We started a small platoon, loyal to each other, loyal to the cause and loyal to the people. No matter what your race. No matter what your background. If you were innocent, it was our duty to protect.

We worked for a company that had special defence contracts set up with various governments. They had no face, no alias' and no recognisable allegiance. They worked for whoever paid the most. Since the outbreak began, the organisation we refer as Alpha One, has grown exponentially. If the Russians needed AKs, they would supply. If Americans needed M4s, they would supply. By fuelling both sides they created an endless supply and demand situation. War raged, battles won, battles lost and Alpha One just grew and grew.

The United States government, unknown branch, had ordered a contract. We were to drop a specialised prototype napalm bomb onto Chernarus in order to wipe out the infection. All attempts at stopping the infection so far have failed, this was a last and desperate attempt.

We were handed a short brief and given only need to know details. They had modified an MI-8 with the prototype payload. We were to drop them over Zelenogorsk, Chernogorsk, Elektozavodsk and Berezino. These locations where chosen to maximise effectiveness versus the infected. We were told that Chernarus was a deád zone, no living inhabitants had existed there for months. We knew not why we were chosen, they could have chosen any squad to fly into Chernarus and bomb it.

We took off from an undisclosed location and headed towards the Chernarus coast. We were only a few clicks away from Chernogorsk ready to deliver our payload, still with the minor doubt about why they chose us. As few drew closer towards the city, we began to see signs of life. Lights, cars, fortifications and funeral pyres. We circles around a few times to make sure it was civilisation. It slowly began to dawn on us why we were chosen.

Alpha One knew we were loyal to innocents, Loyal to the protection of the weak. If we had dropped those bombs and somehow wiped out the infection, the wars would have stopped. Their supply and demand chain would have ceased and their whole regime would have crumbled. They knew we wouldn't drop the bomb onto innocent survivors and that is why we were chosen. The mission was sabotaged from the beginning.

The General was horrified that his superiors would condemn innocent survivors and then lie about it to the very people that were trying to help. The Squad were loyal to the General and would follow him to the end of the earth. General Gabriel Frost, Leader of Fireteam Bravo, ordered the pilot to drop the bomb over the sea and cut all communication with Alpha One.

"It was our duty to protect innocents, not harm them. It is our duty to wipe out the infection without killing everyone. If we can find a cure, I am pretty damn sure we will find it here. Who's with me?!" -Gen. Gabriel Frost.

The whole squad agreed and gave an almighty cheer. It is our job to combat the infection with everything at our disposal. It is our job to protect the weak and our job to find a cure.

Months had passed. We had gone city to city helping whoever was in need, I had lost two of my best men in the process. One evening, myself and my right hand man headed to Black Bazaar, scoping out potential talent and listening in for potential jobs. I sent Sergeant Selvick off on his own, a night off to do what he pleased, within reason. I was at a table for two by myself, with the only spare seat available. I was approached by a man with glasses, asking if he could take a seat. We spent hours talking to each other, exchanging histories and past stories. This is where I learnt he was a scientist, looking to find a cure. With half my squad gone, Fireteam Bravo needed all the help we could get.

A scientist that has been here a long time might be the answer we were all looking for. He seemed interested when I propositioned him about joining Bravo to look for a cure. He knew we would be able to get the equipment he needed in order to look for a cure. He told us he didn't know anything about combat and would slow us down. We agree'd to train him, he agreed to be our resident scientist and medic. We talked again about how it was our duty to protect and serve. From this day forward, Fireteam Bravo shall be known as Duty.

Everyday we grew stronger. Everyday we came closer and closer to a cure. Regardless of every man we lost, every infected we kill or every push back we suffered, It was still our duty and we would prevail.

We are Duty. That is our story.


General Frost was in command of DUTY for months attempting to eradicate the infection. We kept in touch via Radio, Morse code transmission and the odd video call when the resources were available. The General would tell me his duties throughout the day and I accepted them, went along with them like I agree'd with what he was doing. I trusted him as far as I could throw him. I sent Private Fedarov along, a soldier from my platoon to spy on him. Fedarov was ordered to follow the General no matter what and report everything back to me.

I was disgusted to see what military grade hardware that Frost was abusing under my command. Squandered resources away to common peasants that would get themselves killed over every little insignificant thing. The country was plagued with stupidity, gambling, petty thievery and freedom fighters whom took more freedom than what they were giving.

Over the coming months I was informed of the Generals so called alliance with a group known as the Federation, something I wasn't so pleased about. Black Hat Militia, What the absolute fuck is this? A childs airsoft group. Enclave... Sounds like some cult in the lower valleys. And worst of all, The Lawkeepers. What law is there to uphold in an apocalypse. I was disgusted with the Generals attempts to align us with these so-called-heroes, they were weak and would only drag us down.

Months passed and Fedarov informed me of an invitation to own a place called the Sanctuary. It was a camp designed to house and keep the civilians of Chernarus safe. We are a specialized Bio-Hazard team, not childrens babysitters. I was informed that it was owned by Freedom Fighters 'Vox Populi' and the Centre for Disease Control Remnants. I could get along with our alliance with CDCR, we fight for a similar cause. I asked Fedarov to send me as many pictures, sketches or plans of the base so I could see what it was like.

The base was a long rectangular structure. One main entrance in and out. A clear bottleneck for attackers, this would make a perfect military base if it wasn't for the General helping the lower classes. I was told that Sanctuary was attacked to an inch of its life until the VOX and CDC abandoned. Soon the General allied with the Militia and a group called Veritas. Neither of whom were fighting for our cause. This was a huge waste of resources and a huge waste of DUTY manpower. I was also told that he was getting help from the Americans, The fucking Americans. They brought tanks. We should have seized the tanks and used them to help our cause.

The General had to go. This must be kept from those loyal to him but especially his daughter.

I am Generalleuntant Wolfgang Breuggermann.

I hereby take command of DUTY and its catalogue of supplies.

Thusly I sign this death warrant for General Gabriel Frost.


*Major Tom sees a few of the DUTY members sleeping next to a dying fire at the camp site they used to frequent*

*The Major stares at a piece of paper in his hands and whispers under his breath*

"Ugh, I hope this has more use for you guys than it does for me..."

*He places the letter down on the ground and weighs it down with a nearby stone before silently walking back in to the dark*


"Whomever is reading this letter, if you are not a DUTY member, please deliver it to them. It is of the utmost importance.

Brothers, you have been deceived by a lies and slander. Breuggermann is not what he seems. He twists our words and our ideals to fit his own sickened fantasies.

He sent one of my own recruits to kill me but luckily for me Fedarov couldn't do it even if I put the gun to my head for him. I was well aware of what he was going to do, I informed him I knew and I had accepted my death. We sat and chatted for a while, Fedarov had no problem telling me of Breuggermann's most intimate details because he was under the assumption I was willing to die and ready.


After a long chat, I told Fedarov I was ready so he stood up, saluted me and put the barrel of his rifle to my head. I closed my eyes and steadied myself.

I knocked the rifle away from my face, lunged at him and snapped his neck.

If you remember one thing of me brother, be it that DUTY does NOT go down without a fight.

I have been following you all for months but always been 2 steps behind. I was never able to get into contact with you via radio. Even if I had one working, Brueggermann always changed the dammed frequency. I heard along the grapevine you had a small encampment set up at Pik Kozlova so I thought, perhaps this time I could get ahead.

On my way, I encountered terrorists, bandits, stalkers and more infected than I could shake a 10 foot stick at. When I finally got to your shack, I was in a bad state."

I'm infected, I was attacked by some mad women who had the virus. I thought I had a hope but the infection is too far gone now. We have protocols for this, I was prepared for what I have to do.

This locket is the only possession I have and it is the only one I care... cared about. I know she is here.

I now ask only two things of you brothers. I ask you not only as your General but as a friend.

*There is no Locket in the envelope, it has either been lost or delivered*

Ensure that locket reaches Eliana and inform her of my... status.

Kill Breuggerman.

Yours Regrettably,

General Frost

Co-Founder and First General of DUTY"


I gather all my men around a fire one night after patrol and tell them they all deserve to know where I was and why I did what I did. They all came, eager to hear what I had to say.

I regret that I had to lie to everyone. It tore me up inside to do that to people I cared about but it was the only way I could keep them safe.

Not many of you know this, I used to work as a private contractor for a organisation called Alpha-One, it was our mission to enter Chernarus and wipe out the infection by means of Genocide. We were told... we were lied to, we were briefed that Chernarus has NO living survivors and was just overwhelmed with Infected. Long story short, we discovered survivors and flat out refused to do what Alpha-One wanted at which point we broke off and ceased all communication with them.

Naturally this pissed them off and caused them to take action, they send Fedarov to kill me and Breuggermann to take my place so they could use our substantial might in Chernarus to fulfil their own goals. If A1 knew I was still alive, they would never ever stop sending people in order to combat us and kill anyone that tried to conceal me. I had to fake my death and make A1 believe I was dead, this is the only way I could keep you all safe. Breuggermann had to die for his ultimate betrayal and deception, you all have Klein and Alex to thank for this. They captured Breuggermann for questioning but Klein jumped the gun and Killed him before Alex could finish his interrogation.

I hope one day that Klein forgives me for my deception and the fact I somewhat forced his hand to kill another man. I wrote a letter with all the details in and a small note exclaiming I was infected, knowing that my men would believe anything I said and also knowing I would have the sense to end myself in such a situation. I left the letter at Pik Kozlova hoping someone would find it. Luckily you did.

The rest I have sprawled in this tattered Diary, you are all free to read it if you so wish.

-- The corner of this page is folded over signifying this is where the General wished you to read from --

I packed my bags to the brim with enough supplies to last me for months. I moved along the the Black mountains along the border of Russia, my destination being Belozersk. One night I came across a tiny lake with a small waterfall pouring into it. I felt this was a pretty safe place to camp for the night, I began to forage some loose wood for a small fire.

Fire made, Hammock set up and food warming. I wedged a small pan into the side of the fire to boil some water for tea. The waterfall was loud but all of a sudden I heard a large stick snap behind me. Within seconds I un-holstered my USP, cocked it and snapped one-hundred-eighty Degrees to face the forest behind me.

"Who goes there! Show yourself now!"

I flicked the small switch on the side of the USP and illuminated the thick forest. I scanned the tree line left to right until I spotted a small white face cowering behind a nearby tree.

"Come out now! Nice and slowly so I can see you."

The figure didn't move an inch, frozen in fear.


The figure didn't move once again so I slowly stood up and inched my way towards the tree, gun raised and at the ready. As I got closer I lit up the figure and it was a small thin woman. Bruised, cut and almost naked.


I un-cocked my USP and holstered it, lowered my body towards the ground and held out my hand

"I'm not going to hurt you. Please come out, sit by the fire and get warm."

Once again she refused to move or acknowledge me.

"Right, that's fine. I'm going to go back to the fire because its cold. I'm not going to force you to join me but you are welcome to come."

I went back to the fire and sat down, added the boiling water to my metal cup, some tea and began to stir my soup.

"Is that... chicken?"

I turned my head back towards the forest, nodded and held my hand out to the spot next to me for her to sit. She slowly approached the fire keeping her gaze on me at all times but never directly looking at me in the eyes. I offered her a small bowl of soup and a packet of Crackers. She wouldn't take it from me so I left it at her feet.

I took my bowl, had a quick sip and let out a sigh of relief. As soon as I tasted mine, the woman instantly took the bowl and began to lap up the soup. She sat there in a tattered ripped skirt, holey stockings and a shirt that barely covered her body. I took off my jacket and offered it to her. She was too engrossed in the soup to care so I just left it beside her.

"My name is... Joseph, What is your name?"

My name was clearly not Joseph but I had to keep my identity hidden for now. She hesitated for a little while, out of breath from eating the hot soup incredibly quickly.


"It is a pleasure to meet you Alice. Please... put on that jacket, you will catch something"

She slowly picked up the jacket and wrapped herself up in it. I kept trying to ask her questions about where she came from, what she was doing out her but she didn't want to answer me. She was covered in muck, looks like she hadn't washed in a long time, or perhaps just a few rough nights in the woods. I went into my backpack and pulled out two small rags and offered them to her.

"The water is cool and refreshing. You should wash and clean those wounds. "

She looked at me with eyebrow raised..

"I wont look I promise. Here, I'll sit with my back away from you if it makes you feel more comfortable, but those wounds have to be clean before they turn nasty. I have some spare clothes for you, they're not flattering but at least they are warm and clean."

I turned my back to the lake and leaned against a tree. She hesitated at first but eventually slipped down to the lake, took off what was left of her clothes and began to wash herself. I told her I wouldn't look but lets face it, I am a man and its been a long time. She was very thin, ribs showing ever so slightly and her arms were bruised and cut.

"I'm done, you can look now."

I turned around and she was standing there, still naked and dripping wet. Being the gentleman I am, I naturally turned around and let out a small cough of discomfort.

"I don't mind if you look."

She let out a small giggle but ultimately seemed slightly disappointed. There was something about her that Reminded me of her. I don't know what it was. After she got redressed and rejoined me at the camp fire, I poured her some tea and we conversed for hours exchanging stories. I asked her where she came from before the outbreak, if she had any family and if she knew anyone around these areas. It all abruptly stopped when I asked her what she was doing alone in the woods in such a state.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend...

Look, let me pour some more tea and let us forget about it... please"

I reached for the tea but the kettle was bone dry. I grabbed my backpack, put it on my lap and slowly began to dig through trying to find some more leftovers when I suddenly found a bottle of cheap vodka laying hidden at the bottom. I don't know when I got it but its must've been there for a long while. I offered some to Alice and we agree'd to forget about my question and carry on like usual.

The next few hours were a blur.


The next morning I awoke with the sun rays blaring through the canopy. I rubbed my eyes with the ball of my fist and attempted to get up, I didn't quite notice the naked woman sprawled across my chest. I slowly and gently rolled her off my chest and laid her onto the ground again, withdrew a small rolled up blanket from within my bag, unravelled it and placed it around her. I gathered my clothes, put them back on while trying to make as little noise as possible then gathered Alice's new attire and placed them beside her as well as my AK74 along with three full magazines. I glanced at my map for a second to attempt to work out my journey. Once I had figured that out, I gently placed the map under the rifle with a compass, rough directions to Chernarus and a small pouch with Food, water and some medical supplies. I also left a small note tucked into the folds of the map that said.

My name isn't Joseph, I am sorry I lied.

My real name is Gabriel Frost in-case we ever meet again.


"Good luck Alice."

I travelled the next few weeks through the country side, starving, perhaps I shouldn't have given Alice the majority of my supplies. I had gone 5 days without a single morsel of food and rationed my water very very carefully. It appeared my luck had just about ran out when on the horizon, the skyline of a city came into view, this must've been Belozersk. I withdrew my USP, checked the magazine and the spares. I didn't have much left but enough to quickly scavenge some food supplies.

I eventually made it to the outskirts of the city and entered carefully, always keeping my eyes out for bandits and infected. I scavenged for the majority of the day and found only scraps. I began to climb a nearby apartment block to make camp in one of the rooms or perhaps on the roof. I didn't use a fire or any lights, using them inside a city was just pure suicide. I curled up in my jacket and tried to get some sleep. I slept uneasy for hours, wondering what had become of Alice and whether she was still alive. Until...

"Mornin' beautiful"

I was awoken abruptly by three angry men. Naturally I went to grab my USP but I was smacked in the face by the butt of his rifle before I had gotten close. The next thing I remember was sitting in the back of a knackered old Ural, hands bound behind my back and a burlap sack covering my face. We eventually stopped in the quietest place I had ever heard. I was pushed from the ural and escorted forcefully into a compound of sorts. When they unbound my hands and uncovered my head, I could see where I was. It was a fenced compound, covered in rubbish, crap and old metal. There was 6 wonky old rotten sheds with crude sleeping apparatus' inside.

I was beaten for months, cut, burned, bruised and starved. They knew I was important of some sort but I refused to reveal and information to them. Men came and dropped people off, most of which were raggedy old men and children, they bound them to their own individual sheds and kept us separated. We were slaves now. Buyers came and went, children and women were always sold first and the old men were usually left to starve or shot. Until one day, a middle aged man was brought to the camp.

I always glanced through the small gap in my door to see who came and went, any human contact no matter how little was comforting. This man, I recognised his voice and a small badge on his arm. I looked round, small and red. Somewhat of a cross-hair was visible, it couldn't be could it? Every week we were brought out into the courtyard for washing. This man with the badge, I recognised him. It was Daniel Weber. We learnt not to talk to the other slaves during washing, it just lead to worse things. However Daniel didn't know this. He called out one day asking where he was and the guard didn't take too lightly in this, and tackled Daniel to the ground, most likely breaking a few ribs, spat on him and walked away. Daniel knew to keep quiet now.

Whenever new buyers came to the little compound, they would drag all the slaves out one by one, chain them to a fence to force them to stand there like meat. They never ever brought me out, perhaps they knew who I was and I wasn't worth selling, or perhaps to important to sell? I didn't know but I was smart enough not to question these men. There was a woman guard called Anne there who seemed oddly interested in me but also appeared to have control over the other guards. She often came into my shed alone to torture and beat me. Despite the bruises, the blood and the cuts, it was nice to have some female interaction again, despite how painful it was. I would rather not talk about her any more though...

That week, a new guard had arrived at the camp. A recruit perhaps? I overheard one of the other guards call him 'Gaz'. He seemed eager to beat anyone he wanted in order to impress the other guards. On the same day, Two cars approached and four new buyers entered the "store. Gaz eager to impress brought all the slaves out, chained them to the fence one by one but this time he also brought me out. The other guards were too busy disarming the four men to notice they brought me out. The four men that entered the store looked familiar and wore a suit similar to some of my old soldiers. It couldn't be could it, did Daniel somehow manage to contact them? This might be our chance to leave. These men were doing their best to distract the guards.

I took my chance. I pushed the main bone of my left thumb down hard and dislocated it and slipped out of the cuffs, barely able to contain my cry of agony. Before the guard called Gaz could notice, I leapt up, smashed his head into the wall, forced him to the ground and delivered a quick kick to his neck to break it.

"Sorry Kid, but I cant stay here."

With a swift motion, I grabbed the pistol from his leg holster and took out Anne whom was standing further along the store. The black suited men who were also in the store noticed me taking control of the situation and began to fight back. The first man in the black uniform took a neck hold of the guard in front of me so I could line up a shot, I took it and shot the guard three times in the chest. Meanwhile they had managed to subdue the third guard in the store and now had him held hostage. It was all over so quick, I'm still not sure what quite happened. As the guard I had just shot was falling to the ground, I kept my gun aimed straight at the man wearing the black uniform.

"You! Do not move. Tell me your name now before I lose my temper..."

"Sir, its me. Sergeant Anschuetz. This is DUTY behind me, do not be alarmed."

"Turn around, SLOWLY and show me the badge. Do it now boy or I swear to god..."

The sergeant slowly turned to his left revealing his right arm showing a small worn DUTY insignia.

As soon as I saw this, I took the finger of the trigger and fell to my knees.

"Quick get the keys, Go find Weber.

Sir... Are you okay?"

I'm not quite sure what happened, I was told afterwards I passed out.

"Get those keys over here now, un-cuff the General and help him into the truck. NOW!

Kill that filthy pig in the corner, Slit his throat and let him bleed."

I awakened the next morning with Dr Klein attending to my wounds and all my men standing around me eagerly awaiting my awakening.

That was my story. You all now know where I have been these last 5 months.

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Guest John Le Bear

0/10 lacks bears...

...On a more serious note, very interesting. It has me curious now. MOAR! 9.9/10

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Guest Ketamine

Oh shit Toorrik who is Rena???

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...On a more serious note, very interesting. It has me curious now. MOAR! 9.9/10

There will be more. In seven days.


((Go to 1:40))

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Oh shit Toorrik who is Rena???

I can't reveal that currently. Its deliberately vague for a reason at the moment.

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*Eyes widen"

The Council...

Besides me shitting myself, these threats are splendidly put together and send chills down my spine. Good work Toorrik! Now we need MOAR!!!

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