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A Walk With The Reaper (The Story of Kris Lord)

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*The alarm rings, the clock reads 7am, A dirty hand rises from the adjacent bed and slams down on the clock in a weak attempt to silence the sound, after 3 tries the alarm goes silent....

Aw shit i guess i better get ready to go.

*The figure slowly eases back the covers off the bed, knocking over the empty beer bottles and an ashtray full to the brim with dead butts

Fuck, I should pick that up......later, I really have to clean this place up, Striker is going to have a fit if Mac has another "surprise" inspection.

* The man stumbles over to the bathroom of his one room apartment.

My head, Jesus, why are people up this early...why am I up this early..why why whhhyyyyyyy did I sign up with these idiots.

*The shower flips on

Brotherhood of Steel, more like Brotherhood of Idiots, what kinda group would come to Alaska to protect a damn oil pipeline. There ain't shit here, I wish I was back down south, chicks in swim suits, beer, nice sunny weather, and no fucking snow, god I hate the snow...

*The shower turns off, the clock now reads 7:30...

fuckfuckfuckfuck, jesus I'm late, better get my shit together and head out...

*The door of the room flies open, 2 figures greet the man as he stumbles out of the apartment...

Oh shit, I'm boned what do these two want now......

(Striker) Hey buddy, another night of drinking? It's time to leave...

"Leave, where..."

(Mac) Don't ask questions dirt ball, grab your shit, we are pulling out. We are heading to some shit hole of a place called Chernarus, This is coming from the higher ups...

"What about my retainer, I'm not your personal bitch Mac, you paid me to come here, and I am...HERE...there was nothing in the contract about moving to another area, just Alaska, no Chernarus, If I'm going anywhere I'm going back home, Bikinis and Beers are in my future"

(Striker) Kris, there has been a change in plans...You haven't been following the news have you? There is no back home, America, as of last night has fallen. Didn't McGraw tell you that last night? I Sent him over as soon as we herd the radio last night.

is that what that idiot wanted? I thought I herd the sound of some one knocking on my door.

"Sorry I must have passed out, But seriously Stop screwing around.What could have happened that could topple a government in one night?"

(Mac) it's an infection, I'm sorry son, nobody is screwing with you, your retainer is paid in full, there is no back home, you are either with us, or you are staying here, the plane and the tanks leave in 2 hours, I'll send McGraw to help you get things together.

*The two men leave, stunned the figure returns to his room, looks around, then collapses on the floor in tears.....


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I like it Kris, keep it up!

Looking forward to see what happens next.

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Chapter 1: Intimidation

God, all these people do is bitch, I don't know how many times I've played the waiting game with my cross hairs trained over some random civys head. Striker wants to play hero, giving out aid to these people, all I see is hands waiting for the right time to turn on us.

I guess this is what hell is, maybe I died in Alaska. If I die of the cold would I have known it? Maybe during one of my overwatch naps I froze to death, and this is hell...

*the radio snaps to life, a voice comes across, very calm, yet at the same time stressed and filled with an uneasy worry

(Danny) Kris, keep eyes, I don't like the way that guy is acting, dodgy fuck, Black suit, white balaclava, claims he's part of a defense force.

Ha, defense there is no defense, just running, running and killing. The infected don't even really bother me anymore, it's these "people", I guess they pose more problem than any mindless fuck could ever present.

"roger that eyes on, ready for your go"

*the sound of the rifle safety snapping to the fire position is herd by none. The figure in the bush sits motionless. The usually silent radio then bursts to life one command comes through

(mac) weapons free, hit him

fuck, time to kill

* the pin slams forward sending one lone round out the barrel, speeding over it's path, it lands deep in the skull of a man. The radio speaks again

(Mac) Hit, target down, engage remaining non friendly targets at will

*Three more shots ring out across the lake, Three more bodies fall, Then all is silent

"All known contacts down, waiting for pick up"

Well that went well.....looks like our "hearts and minds" campaign refers to where the bullets will be when we are done. Oh great, here comes the car, good, I'm tired of laying here, it's been 3 hours and I'm ready to go back to camp.

*The beat up off road pulls off the dirt road, The man stands up and gets in the back of the truck. The truck drives off leaving a slight dust cloud as it rides off into the distance.

I don't know if this is hell or not, but one thing I do know, I'm still Alive, and I need a beer.


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