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As I Open My Eager Eyes

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I don't understand why I did it. Looking back it was most likely me just thriving for the human interaction I had lacked since the fall, whether it be negative or positive. I just ran in there, no regard for myself, my possessions, those who depended on me. It was selfish and I knew it. Yet my body moved on it's own. Their walls towered over me and as I stood there I thought about what would happen, what could destroy these walls. Nothing, only those who built them. Sadly that's exactly what was about to come, if only I knew that.

As I entered no one was around. I checked all the large buildings, even followed the smell of rotting flesh, yet all I found were heaps of dead. Seeing a light in the distance I had to feel my way out of their crevices that had hid a rusted 9mm. One mag was left. I hoped it would fire, yet there was no way I could count on it in a pinch. It all happened too soon. The bullets zigzagged through the buildings as I saw the muzzle flash from the side of my vision. At first I threw up my arms hoping they'd realize I was a man, not a monster, however it seems I was the one mistaken. They were the ones that needed to be shown. Ducking down I heard the cries of men as I shot over the edge. I must've hit at least a few. God spare them.

I could only last for a few seconds before they would close in on me, so I darted, what I stupid thing to do. I ran to the tallest building there, next to it was a large siren. Running inside I must've allowed myself to be in the open for too long as I was shot in the thigh. It hurt like hell, and it still hurts. Running inside I may it into a room and locked the door. I wish I hadn't. Blood was spattered everywhere, on the ground lay the bodies of men and women. I'm not sure but there may have been a child or two as well. I knew those men chasing me were the ones who did this, they had to have been. A group taking over a base of another. A sickening act, however it happened. They had to go down. The siren outside began to blare as I pushed the button, moments later they were inside and I was bagged and out as a light.

My hearing began to return before my sight, though my eyes weren't of much use now. The dull sound of the siren echoed in the background as the stench of musty basement rushed into my nostrils nearly choking me. I head the men walking around. As soon as they noticed I was conscious they got me up onto my knees and took off the bag on my head. "Who are you?" They asked. Smiling a bit, I couldn't let this chance go.

"I'm Mr.Brightside."

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Guest Tompmal

Great read, at some point you have to include a quote from everyone killers song,maybe even use "I can't look it's killing me" somewhere I'm sure it can be put in somewhere.

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