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He was a friend of mine.

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The vast darkness of the forests and the fresh smell of rain made last night even more distinguished than the last few weeks of hiking. It's a wonder how the animals have survived so spectacularly through this. It makes me think, think how we have always believed with the end of us, would come the end of the world. But now it has become apparent to me that we are not the end. We are not what keeps the world turning. It was self centered and narcissistic of us to believe this. In fact, the end of us is what created such beauty in the first place.

I wonder at times, that once we are gone, what will the next be? Will it be some intelligent being that has taken millennia to evolve, or will it be some feral beast that uses bloodshed and violence to keep its dominance?

I spoke to a man today...

He was huddled inside one of the abandoned buildings. His hair nearly all regrown after clearly being shaven, his beard a mess, blood splattered on his clothes. I attempted to help the man, and at first he seemed compliant. He even spoke his name, and for hours we sat around some firewood we were unable to start, eating the raw beans I hastily opened with my knife. I leaned many things about him. How he had a wife, three children. Hell, his dog was still out there. Wandering around in the woods. He said he saw it the other day but was too ill to call out. I don't believe him, but I comforted him nonetheless.

After I had my fill of beans and of him, I decided it was time to head out and go onward east. Being stopped the man said he noticed the 9mm strapped to my belt. I knew I should have hid it. This happens much to often. I followed his wishes and left.

It was my last bullet.

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