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Lets Build A PC!

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Hello people, glad to see your here reading my post please excuse my horrible grammar and sentences with no end. But any way i feel iam ready to build a PC im sick of my old laptop and playing dayz with 10 to 20 fps is just no fun. I have a pc part picker link here =======> AMD PC Build. let me know what you think seeing how everybody here probably has more experience than me why not listen to some advice. I cant decide wether to go AMD or INTEL though AMD is cheaper I know you could make a Intel build just as good or better for my budget price which is around $1,200 to $1,300 US currency so theres no confusion but any way feel free to talk shit or speak pc words of wisdom im open to everything and anything thank you for your time.

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From what I've heard you get more bang for you buck with AMD CPUs, bht nvidia GPUs are the way to go. I've had a bad experience of amd i had a 3870 and it over heated so much i bsod every day.I've got a 560ti now and that's alot better,so amd all the way. Also get 8+ GB of RAM I've got 4 and that's the main bottle neck of my pc. So good luck with your build!

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I would honestly recommend not going with the 4Gb 760, you will honestly never need that much V-Ram. I would just shell out like $30 more dollars for a 770 and you get a huge performance boost, but thats just my two cents.

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Greetings there buddy!

Right, I'd have to agree with Nikolai, go for the 770 really. 4GB VRAM is only useful if you have triple-monitor setup in this day and age. Also, may be a silly question but uh, you don't seem to have a keyboard, mouse and monitor listed. I suppose you already have?

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I have 2 22inch lcd screens and a razr keyboard and mouse.. the reason I went with the 4GB 760 is its now down to $280 the 2GB is $260 so I was just like what the hell $20 and double the RAM hell yeah.

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