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Jerry - Ban Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

Fair as fair gets really.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

So as anyone that knows me I was never really a knight in shining in armor when it came to behavior and had a lot of anger issues when it came to certain situations (reports, easily flame baited).

So obviously I've been banned for harboring a banned player, you're probably wondering what drove me to do this. So winslow's original ban the one from the game of "Jerry Says" I flat out disagree with, the fact that he jumped from a fairly safe warning level to permanently banned shocked me, he was banned for his attitude in reports, not breaking in-game rules. When it came to reports we got Winslow to fight them for us because well he is probably the smartest guy I've met online, he didn't even shoot anyone in the report incident.

So frustrated by what I said above it resulted in me agreeing with joining SKA, if you look back I was not actually a core member of the group, I joined a couple of weeks after it was created and after Winslow was already active in the group. So I accepted to play because all of my old friends did. Playing felt like there was a constant impending doom which led our group to cause unwanted forum drama. These were the people I started I.R.A with, the people that I could roleplay with and have a great time with, the people I constantly play other games with then and still to this day.

I'm sorry for the drama all this has caused the staff, and as a ex-staff member I understand how busy you're. I understand the frustration it must of cost the all the staff, if anybody knew me back when I was a GM I took zero bullshit and was swift with the ban hammer so I honestly know how the staff feels about this situation.

So yeah, my forum behavior really doesn't help me cause although a few weeks prior to my permanent ban I had a talk with Caesar, I told him that there would be no more flaming, and I stuck to that. In fact a barely even posted on the forums.

What I lack on the forums I believe I make up for in-game, I followed the in-game server rules religiously and tried keeping my RP to a high standard, I would dig up old RP videos which I'am in but this really isn't the place.

I made I.R.A which in my eyes was extremely successful and I kept my members to a high RP quality and was quite ruthless (kicking slackers quite often without mercy). I feel that brought a breath of fresh air in RP terms to the sever.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

To enjoy DayZRP again and leave all that drama behind me with a fresh look and DayZRP.

What could you have done better?:

Not joined SKA, if you recall I made a leaving thread after I.R.A disbanded, I was set to stick to that but got talked into playing in SKA. Maybe I should of ratted out all me best friends, but I think I'm a better person than that :P Its a tough predicament if I hope you can understand, but then again I could of said no I don't want to play but SKA was actually quite good, has good RP and were quite liked in the community.

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No. Not now, not ever.

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