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Weapon Practice

Guest Colton

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Guest Colton

So, very simple question. When I get bored and want to test out weapons I go into the editor and find some weapons and just test it on the shooting range I made. Now the only gun I can't seem to find is the Kar98, I would really love to practice with it out of game, because you know the rounds used are specific to that gun and a pain to come across.


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Guest Pandi

Because this isn't a DayZRP related question, this thread has been moved to Off-topic.

Edit: I had a look, couldn't find the box, then realised I should have asked a developer as they know what they are talking about when it comes down to these problems. :)

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  • MVP

There is no box configed for the kar98 apologies.

However it's classname is gms_k98 so feel free to spawn one

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