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Archer - Ban Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):



Why the verdict is not fair:

The verdict was fair.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I first discovered that Winslow was playing on the DayZRP servers shortly after he first returned to the server. At the time, I was still in between RSM and 75th, and he was just playing independently. I had a personal moral struggle between breaking the rules of this community, or breaking the trust of a good friend. I decided to keep his secret and play on as if nothing had changed, because I'd convinced myself that RP was "just a game". My later actions would prove that argument wrong.

I formed the 75th and in my off time I was playing with the "mumble group of cool kids", when SKA was erected. I can remember Allison, Winslow and Patient Bear working for a couple of days straight to put the thread together. At first, Winslow had no intention of joining SKA as Boris, but eventually he fell into it. SKA and D3 were already getting into trouble on the servers, attacking settlements and what not. Eventually, SKA and D3 merged, and threads were popping up on the forums complaining about the new power clan.

My initial reaction to SKA was like the majority, I didn't like it, they were playing on the edge of the rules. Because of this, Allison had a falling out with Elissa, Sin, Jed, Skippy and I. Our little roleplaying group was broken. I grew bored with the 75th, it was a good concept, but I went about the execution all wrong. I'd played the hero, time and time again; SRF, SFOD, REGIME, RSM, 75th... I wanted a new experience.

I willingly joined, knowing full well that I was playing with and hiding a previously banned player. I figured I'd already been doing it, so what more risk was there to be had? I hadn't had any good experiences on RP in a month, I was desperate for roleplay, and SKA seemed like the best choice at the time. I wanted to be in a clan with my friends, and I wanted to be a part of something great. SKA was great, other than the obvious rule breaches, and the members who were a part of the forum flame wars and all that. I pride myself knowing that other than some warning points that I received for an unnecessary post in a report (which was sanctioned by Sin) and the Winslow situation, I'd never been involved in any "troubling behavior" on the DayZRP servers. I feel like that stands to say something.

Playing with Winslow was a mistake, yes, and it's one I made hypocritically. Do I regret my decision? Yes. Moreso, I regret ever being told that Winslow was playing, again. I wish I'd never been put into the predicament, but I was and I chose incorrectly. Even though, I did have a good time playing with them as Aleksei Rostislav, I miss playing as Archer Waters.

After being banned, I learned a lot more about DayZRP than I ever did while I was an active member here. Putting together DeadZone was no easy task. Running it was even harder. Getting along with the people that were on the staff team with me was the most difficult. After a series of disagreements, I ended my involvement there, but I learned a bit or two.

I understand now that my actions were/are inexcusable. However, I type this now asking for another chance to be Archer Waters, the persona I created and manifested here. I want to be a part of the atmosphere, again, as I haven't had a decent session of roleplay since my departure. I want to reintegrate with the community and reestablish old friendships that were founded here.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I ask for the same exception as many of the other SKA members: amnesty with the permanent marks on my record.

What could you have done better?:

I should have turned in Winslow when I had the chance, I should not have gotten further involved with something I knew would end badly. If I could go back, I'd first wish that I'd never known. However, I did, so I should have done was right for me, and not for Winslow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I entrust you will make a fair decision,


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Appeal Accepted.


After a long discussion within the admin team we have decided that you may be deserving of a second chance. Do not take this as us indicating that we fully trust you again, we do not. You will be put under a microscope and any poor behavior will quickly result in you being permanently banned again with no chance for revocation.

This is a chance for you to prove to us that you deserve to continue playing in this community. Do not make us regret this decision.


1. Permanent ban removed.

2. A permanent 20 warning points will be applied.

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