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CRA Logo Change?

Guest Pandi

Should CRA keep the same current logo?  

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Guest Pandi

So, I got suggested a logo change for CRA. I'm very unsure what to do here, I'm happy to make a brand new logo, it would freshen things up a little, although we are remnants, so it wouldn't really make sense to be fresh, would it? Unless the old logo was gone and we needed a new one, that's the only way I see sense to the whole logo change idea.

If you could explain why you think it does/doesn't need a logo change, that would be brilliant, thank you.

CRA Remnants logo:



New logo?

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If we're gonna get a new one, then we should have it extremely simplistic. Due to the fact that, if we had 'lost' out logos then another one being created would probably be makeshift.

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