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Fallout Pen and Paper RPG

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  • Sapphire

So after Reading the Thread About Star Wars Pen and paper here I just thought I would try to start my own PnP. So here is my Thought.


So what do you guys think?

Right now I cant do much and I'm still trying to find all the things I need But I just wanted to throw it out there while I gather my resources.

Ok so I found the rulebook and Character Sheet so its a start. I have no idea how to make the Character Sheet editable. Working on it now.

Thanks to Winged Ninja for the PnP Idea.

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  • Emerald

PnP games are awesome. You could use D&D assets (character sheets, dice, etc.) and set it in the Fallout universe. I had an idea like this a while ago, but after a while I just kind of forgot about it...

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  • Sapphire

Always a fun thing to do. You know, there's official Fallout PnP RPG guidelines and game books kicking around somewhere. Hell if I know where they are, but they're out there. xD

Ya I saw them a while ago and I think I found them again

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