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Kōtei Bijon - Emperor's Vision 研究段階

Guest Shakya

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Guest Shākya


It was the 19th of December, a cold air flowed over the makeshift tents of the Doragonzu unit stationed at the Cap Golova island headquarters of Kōtei Shima. Masao Baba shivered as the cold wind engulfed his canvas abode. Matsuda stood watch on the mainland island, his stern unchanging features watching over the landscape. Huddled around a small fire on the island were several old Doragonzu members including Shunsuke, Daisaku's brother Honda, Yaguro, Mortisugu, Takuma and Masaharu. Nervous hushed whispers could be heard from the group of men.

In a large tent at the rear of the island was the Shōgun - Daisaku Musashi. He sat frustratedly over a small wooden table glaring at a pile of notes. Standing eagerly beside him was the newly appointed Chief Advisor of Feudal Culture and Imperial Tradition - Yoshi Asahara. They were engaged in a lengthy and heated discussion which seemed to last for hours.

Several Hours Later....

The mandate had been written marking the next stages of the Teikoku Doragonzu's occupation of Chernarus. Before returning to Chernarus from Hokkaido, Daisaku wrote a long and detailed mandate for Imperial Dragōn progression within Chernarus called 皇帝ビジョン (Kōtei Bijon - Emperor's Vision). The mandate included several sections for the progression of Teikoku Doragonzu occupation in the State of Chernarus.

Three Stages of the Kōtei Bijon

Kenkyū Dankai - Research Stage

The first stage was a non hostile research stage known as 研究段階 (Kenkyū Dankai - Research Phase). This would allow the Doragonzu to peacefully gather research and information on all current groups and settlements within Chernarus. Having encountered mostly all of the groups and settlements Daisaku was able to make an accurate assumption as to which were honourable and which were not. This stage would also involve the gathering of medical research by the Chōsa Tan'i with the aim to providing a cure to the Hokkaidan people. The stage lasted roughly two months and ended in the meeting of Teikoku Doragonzu captains to discuss plans for the second phase.

During stage one, it was the job of the 'Chōsa Tan'i' or 'The Imperial Dragōns Scientific and Medical Research Development Unit' led by Dr. Tokimitsu Harahito to find and locate a cure to the infection. The research team conducted many tests however most of their research proved flawed and ultimately led to the execution of Dr. Tokimitsu Harahito and the immediate disbanding of the Chōsa Tan'i at the end of the Second Stage.

Kaihatsu Dankai - Development Stage

The second phase is known as 開発段階 (Kaihatsu Dankai - Development Stage). After the first stage was completed, this stage involved the development of intelligence and observations while maintaining a steady flow of information back to Hokkaido. At this stage, the Doragonzu's attitude within Chernarus would change - during the research phase the Doragonzu maintained a neutral and relatively non-violent attitude however as is the natural progression of the Emperors Vision, the Teikoku Doragonzu can only tolerate so much. During the development stage, the Doragonzu would further establish their base in the South and organize improved logistics between Kitanihon no Teikoku and the Units stationed in South Zagoria.

Currently, the Dragons are coming to the end of this second phase. Having found most of their research in Chernarus it was concluded that the results were futile and did not contain a cure to the infection like they once thought it would. Although Chernarus was the believed source of the infection, it held no answers towards the cure for the Doragonzu. As is mentioned above this led to the execution of Dr. Tokimitsu Harahito and the immediate disbanding of the Chōsa Tan'i Research Unit.

Shokugyō to Tōbatsu - Occupation and Subjugation

The third phase in the Kōtei Bijon is 職業と討伐 (Shokugyō to Tōbatsu - Occupation and Subjugation). The third stage was initially developed in the event that a cure was not found. If the Doragonzu did find a cure during the first two stages then there would be no need for a Third Stage and the Dorgagonzu would have no further need to stay in Chernarus. However as things have panned out, it seems that no cure will be found in Chernarus - especially after the execution of Dr. Tokimitsu Harahito.

The third stage involves the forceful occupation and subjugation of the State of Chernarus and South Zagoria. Having already spent many honourable lives setting up logistics and a base in Chernarus, Daisaku did not want to leave empty handed - if he could not have his cure then he at least would take Chernarus for the glory of Emperor Shakyamuni. The Third stage most importantly focuses on the setting up and formation of the 'Chernaruso no Teikoku-shū' or roughly translated in English the 'Imperial State of Chernarus' with power centered in Kōtei Shima to the South. The reason behind the formation of the state would be with the idea to control Chernarus as a new Hokkaidan Colony and to incorporate the local civilians and groups as subjects under divine Imperial rule.

Currently, the Doragonzu are nearing the end of the second stage of the Kōtei Bijon. It will only be a matter of days before the third stage begins to be put in practice. Due to the Imperialistic nature of the Doragonzu, to secure the formation of the 'Imperial State of Chernarus' all current opposition to the Doragonzu must be removed including ideological and military enemies. It shall not belong before the Third Stage of the Kōtei Bijon shall be realized and the people of Chernarus shall kneel before the Divine light of our sacred Emperor. For his wisdom and grace shall guide the Imperial State of Chernarus to shine as radiant as one thousand rising suns; a new era of the Dragōn draws near.


"Koko wa okuni o nanbyakuri

Hanarete touki chernaruso no

Akai yuuhi ni terasarete

Doragon wa nozue no ishi no shita."

"Hundereds of leagues from our home country

In far away Chernarus

Illuminated under the red evening sun

Under the rocks of a hill,

Buried lies my fallen Dragon."




(Tenno Heika Banzai - Long live the Emperor)

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