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Diary of Devin Bauman

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Diary Of Devin Bauman

Chapter 1: The Arrival

I woke up soaked from head to toe on a coast of a island I did not know of. All I had was my radio, some flares, and a knife. The radio was really wet so it was not in a good condition to work. I took it apart hoping to get the water out and be able to use it. When I finally was able to get the water out I heard a familiar voice, it was my good friend Ian. Ian yelled over the radio "Devin god dammit man please answer me!". I finally answer "yes, I am here don't worry man". He replied me with "my god damn leg is fucking broke god damn it hurts like a bitch". I told him to sit tight and I will get to him. The problem was I had no idea where he is nor do I even know where I am.

As I started to walk down the coast I asked Ian what had happen and why I woke up on the coast. He said that our helicopter went down and that I banged my head pretty hard. He told that that me and him where the only survivors and that I would have drowned to death if he didn't pull me out. He also told me when the heli exploded it threw me off the raft and he landed on a sand bar which broke his leg on impact, that's when we were separated. While Ian was trying to describe where he was I interrupted him "I see a town". I began to jog hoping to find someone that could lend me a phone or help me find Ian.

When I started to approach the town I seen a little barn. I had seen movement inside the barn so I though I would ask for help. When I started to approach the barn I had seen a sign that was in some weird language. I studied the sign to find out that it was Russian. I thought to my self for a second and realized that there was Russian lettering everywhere. I was so scared and overwhelmed I began to run over to barn. When I approached the barn I stop and yelled "help please my helicopter has crashed and my friend has broke his leg", I got no response back. When I began to get closer something in the barn made a noise that a human nor a animal could never make. I drew my knife and slowly placed my hand on the door. It was really dark by now and my heart was racing faster than it ever had. I quickly threw open the door and quickly stepped back a couple feet. I gave one last hello until I was charged by a man. I yelled "wait please I need help!" He then tackled me and started to slap and scratch me. I continued to yell "Help please stop HELP". The man went down towards my neck and growled and tried to bit me. I stabbed him right in the back of his right shoulder, it didn't effect him. I the. Suddenly without hesitation stabbed him in the head and he fell. I Grabbed my radio and yelled "Ian I was fucking attacked" he responded "what?!? Why?!?" I told him what happened and I told him to hide till I find out what's going on.

I checked the barn and found my self a pistol. I thought it would be helpful for what had just happened to me. I also found a map and some food, water, and an axe. I began to study the map and found the town I was in. I seen on the map a building marked with a cross on it. My first reaction was a hospital. I started to head over to the hospital and watching for anything else like the thing that attacked me. I finally had the hospital in my sight and started to approach it very carefully. When I entered the hospital I was taking no chances I raised my weapon and yelled out "if anyone is here tell me now or I will fucking kill you". I heard no response. I started to loot for anything that can help aid me and Ian. I grabbed painkillers, morphine, bandages, and some antibiotics. I radioed Ian and told him that I found some medical supplies. He said he looted a little house and found a map and said he was just up the road.

I left the town and started make my way to him I didn't see anyone or anything on the way to him. When I reached him I have him some morphine and painkillers and he told me he was able to walk a little. We made our way back to the town. The town had a very weird name so we just called it electro because that is what the name looked like. We looted around and Ian found some more medical, food, and water. I found a backpack to store the supplies. We then went to what looked like a fire station. We found two ak's but one was empty. I got the one that had the full mag and Ian took the empty one. We looked at the nap and decided to go a town called "Cherno" as we were walking we see a flare flash behind us. Me and Ian took cover and watched the flare for a bit. I glanced over and seen a man in all black. I could not tell of he was one of those things that attacked me. I then raised my gun and aimed my gun right at his head. Ian the said quietly "don't are you crazy?!?" I then yelled " listen buddy don't move or I will shoot he stopped in place and I told him to drop his weapons. He dropped them and we approached him. He turned his head towards us and said that he is not going to harm us and to talk it out. I started to feel something inside me and I told him to pick his stuff back up and said I am sorry and I thought that he was one of those things. We had a brief conversation and we them asked who we were. I introduced Ian and I and he told us his name. Sadly I do not remember his name but I do remember a patch of a fist on his arm. I asked what that patch was on his arm and if was another military guy like Ian and myself. He then replied "No this is so people know who I am" and I asked who he was and he slowly looked at me and Ian and said "I am a member of the brotherhood"

Chapter 2: Meeting The Brotherhood

Coming soon

// Hello everyone this is a little diary I am making from my first day of Dayzrp till my last. I do not mind people talking this on ooc it is for everyone to read and comment your thoughts or what can be improved. Will hopefully at one point have pictures. Hope you enjoy it<3

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