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in game name

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  • Sapphire

Hey man, first off wrong place to post but that's okay. This is the correct place to post a topic like this, it will be easier for staff to see that you need help :)

Now on topic: Go on Arma 2 OA and click on player profile. From there make a new profile and there is a text box. Make sure you have a first and last name (A valid RP name) and then click okay. You can check the top left corner to make sure you are on the right profile.

Here's a better view of a "valid RP" name:

From today (Sunday 2013-05-19) we will be enforcing strict RP names ingame, that means you are REQUIRED to use first and last name for your character ingame. No clantags will be allowed in the name itself - if you want to have a tag use clan XML feature. You can use military or scientific titles and prefixes, like doctor "Dr. " or lieutenant "Lt. " and callsigns or nicknames, like " '' ". Abbreviations are also acceptable.

Examples of good name formatting:

John Jefferson

Cpt. Thomas 'Tomahawk' Larsson

Dr. Ahmed Samul

T.J. Harrison

Dan J. Scott

Players with inappropriate names will be kicked from the server, failure to comply after 2 kicks will result in a temporary ban until the name is changed.

Anymore questions feel free to PM me!

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  • Emerald

Go to the RP launcher and click launch to menu. Click player profile and once on edit your name to a suitible name.

Also this should be in the question section of the forums.

Edit: Damn you guys are quick. Damn this phone I'm using.

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  • Legend

As said above its in the profile section :)

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