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The Life of Boris Tankov

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Day 1


Please listen while reading

I found this notebook in a dumpster near the shore of Berezino, might aswell leave something for people to read huh?

Today, I am back at the hellhole called Chernarus, I've worked hard, very hard for the sake of humanity, always believing that someday, sometime, there would be a divine intervention, to help me in the path I walked, Today, I stop mourning for the ones I lost, I, Boris Tankov, am going to change, there is no other choice, after all I have suffered, hoping for the best, finally finding a cure just to have the only sample destroyed by spawns of satan, and the doctor who developed it getting killed, I have come to the conclusion that evil always wins.

5 hours later:

I found Ivan today, while trying to rob him with an M9 that had no ammo. I was such a moron, I almost got myself killed, had he not realised it was me, and moved the weapon at the last milisecond, I was gonna get my brain scrambled like an egg by his gun.

He looked really happy to see me, but... I don't know how I felt about seeing him, it was this.. strange feeling? I don't know how to word that feeling, I felt like as if I had found my only brother that I lost a long time ago, but something didn't feel right about him, I got the same feeling that I always got when I had Council in my sights, my heart was beating like crazy, and I... I was afraid.

I was afraid of the man who I had known for almost half a year, have been in countless situations that I had to trust my life to him, and had him entrust his life in my hands.

I told him about what happened to the former R.R members, a lot of them dead, some M.I.A, all the doings of the spawns of satan, the so called "Council", the mysterious ones, the ones that everyone is afraid of.

He had this friend with him, that always growled before he said something, the man was even scarier than the council, he smelled of blood, he had this psychotic look in his eyes, and... another feeling that I will never be able to explain.

After talking to Ivan for a while, we parted ways, I wanted to look for Joe, one of the other two R.R members that stayed with Ivan, see what he has been up to.

* The writing ends here *

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