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CRA & CRA Remnants Backstory

Guest Pandi

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Guest Pandi

NOTE 1: I have moved the backstory of CRA onto a seperate thread as having the backstory on the group thread is way to big for the group thread.

NOTE 2: I will be updating this time to time, feel free to leave feedback on the backstory, there is a lot of words, 5000+ so it will take you some time to read through it. I hope you enjoy it and a big thanks to Septimus and Burgz for helping develop and create the backstory.


Greetings people of South Zagoria. Allow me to introduce my self, I am Dima Malkinski. Being the leader of Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya that has defected from the Chernarus Defense Forces, tensions having been strong and acted upon due to the caused by conflicts between a pro-Western coalition and communist-nationalist Chernarus Red Star Movement known as ChDKZ or Chedaki as it was more commonly said. Myself being involved in the direct conflict between both the Chernarus Defense Forces and the National Party known as NAPA caused more than enough headaches, post-traumatic stress disorder having slowly made It's toll on me as my career with the CDF continued and progressed over the years. Before the virus swept nationwide and wreaked havoc upon our mother-land, I was a successful Military Officer.

My pride in being Chernarussian stood high with a strong resolute and the will to fight for my people was tenacious and unyielding, that was until our unsanctified state that we called government begged and pleaded the Western coalition to aid us in our deficient attempts against the overwhelming NAPA forces. My opinion had differed through the time I served under the Chernarus Defense Forces, I was open to much more ideologies that NAPA was throwing onto the table, civil war had raged for two years that seemed had taken over a decade to finally come to a end after a long period of political instability, The Chedaki Red Star Movement was newly formed at this time, a group which had defected from the National Party.

They had seized power by capturing weapon platforms from the Chernarussian government or provided by international arms dealers in which they used to establish themselves and maintain a foothold within the Republic. I watched as I was helpless to do anything else but that, I watched as the ChDKZ was given enough power to start a coup against the government that ended with the dislodge and removal of the the Chernarussian government by the Northern forces of the ChDKZ. My believes and aspiration for my people was more than a mere thought and delusion that roamed around in my head, even though I was jumpy and easily startled by any noise. These were vivid dreams that had and were to become something more than a undertaking. I began to ponder on why we had even asked for aid in the first place, were we not man enough to take on rebels that only wanted to usurp? I was determined to give my people a better opportunity and chance to stand their ground and fight, even if it spilled the last Chernarussian blood.

Months before the outbreak and infection of the population of Chernarus, Dima had established a organization which was meant to obtain attention so that changes could have been made to the current standings within the government, Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya was the name of the Movement that was bound to create something more than just a ordinary group of men and women. His intentions were pure and honest as he wished for his people to prosper and lead a healthy life within the society but the current government was something that was impeding the progress of the honest and hard working people of South Zagoria. His previous occupation had gained him a lot of experience and most of all, courage. The courage was going to be needed if he was going to survive a rebellion against the now communist-party ChDKZ. He gathered the few able men he knew he could trust and began to amass surplus ammunition and weapons of all variants and varieties.

Massive amounts of planning and gathering resources and extended time making sure that everything else was in the right place were the daily routine for Dima and his officers as they gathered around a large table made of oak wood, It's surface having a chestnut colored-like overlook but silky touch to it as the men were speaking in hushed tones. They spoke quietly and were pointing to different locations on a map that was spread out on the large table, their tones were indecisive. The subject had emerged among his officers of nearby cities on the southern coasts having caught a plague of sort, they were sickly and help was needed but his resources was alright cut thin and several of his men were quite desperate. They had families, he knew he had no right to detain them from visiting their families which were quite sickly, he announced to his people that anyone who wished to visit their families were to go and make sure that the well being of their loved ones was checked upon. He thought of his own family, he hadn't seen them at all in months and so he gathered his trusted officers and little supplies and embarked on a trip to see his family which resided in Pavlovo.

The convoy of vehicles slowly made it's way through the mountainous terrains, the streets were deserted as they made their way towards his home. He looked out of the window as the trip slowly came to a end, he exited the vehicle and made his way towards the door, strangely enough the door was opened and he walked inside to be greeted by his loving mother. He had come home to a loving mother and a absent younger brother, she told him that his sibling had gone out for the day and that he would return later on in the day. After everyone had eaten dinner and had set themselves up for the night, they proceeded to go to bed. He entered his room and was soon asleep, the tranquility of his sleep was not for long. During the middle of the night as the entire household slept silently through the night, a sudden shriek ran throughout the house. That of terror and startling shock, Dima ran towards his bedroom's door and opened it to find his mother in a white sleeping gown kneel-ed beside one of his dormant officers, she was latched onto his neck as she furiously devoured the man's neck. Her white gown was now stained with the crimson-like substance, shouts of confusion and terror ran throughout the house as some backed away from the scene and some even ran out of the house.

A sudden vigorous and loud thunder ran throughout the house, as he looked at the source he could only stare in disbelief. His younger brother was standing several feet away from his mother's dead and now limp corpse, the young man held a Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum that breathed fire from it's nostrils. His knee's grew weak and fell from beneath him, his mother had killed one of his friends and his brother had killed his mother. He couldn't comprehend the atrocity that had just happened, he simply couldn't wrap his head around the entire scenario and began to weep in confusion. He looked up to find that everyone was looking at him, everyone had no idea on what was going on and what had just happened. His brother knelt down beside him and attempted to explain to him the situation, but alas he couldn't get him to his sense. A sudden rage took over Dima and he turned on his brother, beating and brutally bashing on his brother. He was quickly separated from his brother who yelled at him, attempting to explain to him the situation, Dima was dragged out of the house and placed inside of the Black Humvee and was quickly driven off into the night. From that day on, he never saw his brother as his brother ever again, nor was he ever seen ever again.

His resources were low and his most loyal men were by his side, that is all he had now. The outbreak had spread throughout the Republic, The CDF was sworn to protect the Fatherland by all means necessary. After the outbreak in July 2012, The CDF tried to contain the situation by creating quarantine zones and evacuating civilians. Their efforts were in vein, as their checkpoints were overrun and most of the forces killed or deserted. Which no-one else being able to protect their people Dima made it his purpose, He wanted a Republic which was independent and self reliant to overcome it's problems. Under his Leadership the Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya was flourishing and he was not going to stop until it reached it's goals, and they would reach it by any means necessary. Rumors has it that several Republicans had taken refugee in a bank and were in direct contact with Maj. Dima Malinski and his band of misfits.




I woke up looking at the remains of a campfire from the night before, some of the embers still burned but it provided no more warmth. It was a brisk morning in Chernarus, but we were suited to it. Anything warmer and we would have been uncomfortable. There were 6 of us positioned around the smouldering remains, me, Dima, Shalkar, Yurik, Raab, Ivan, Teo and Dimitri, a Vojin or such. As I looked towards the sky, I could feel something on my shoulder. I turned to look towards it and found Shalkar snoring. I quickly pushed him off and began blinking the sleep from my eyes. How he had gotten so close I would never know, he was more than 10 feet away the previous night. I knew that today would be a long day, so I chose not to wake the others. I sat in peace, collecting the rubbish we had left over, Crème Cake wrappers, beer cans and empty packs of cards, piling all of them into my backpack.

We did not like to litter in Mother Chernarus.

Eventually, I decided to venture out, to explore the surrounding forestry, hoping to catch some breakfast. I wandered through the thick, assortment of trees until I heard a snap of a twig to my South. I had left my rifle back at the camp, but I still had my pistol. It was a Raging Bull, .44 calibre of pure power. I could take a man’s head clean off from over ten metres away. I dropped to my knees slowly and began to carefully pull away the branches ahead. Getting closer and closer. I pulled back the final branch and…nothing. As I turned away, something moved rapidly and I fell back, alert, slightly scared. I saw it running away. It was a rabbit. I had been knocked to the floor by a rabbit. I stood up, brushed the dead leaves off of myself and continued on. Still hoping to find a meal.

I returned to find the rest of the camp stirring. Most of the men were making grunting noises and rolling over but none had made an attempt to get up yet. I took some more dry leaves and shrubbery from nearby and began to coax the fire back into existence. I slung the boar onto a nearby tree stump and began hacking away. I knew we wouldn’t be spending another night here, so I threw the entrails into a nearby bush. We needn’t worry that any infected would smell it. I took out my home-made frying pan and began to cook the bacon over the fire. The men began waking up to the smell of cooked meat, Yurik was the first on his feet. He wandered off, I’m assuming he needed the bathroom. I finished cooking enough meat for us, keeping some aside. I took some nearby leaves and wrapped the meat inside, placing them carefully inside of my backpack. We heard Yurik shout and something fell through the bushes into the open area of the camp.

I was right, Yurik had needed the bathroom. He was the ‘thing’ that fell into the camp, trousers round his ankles and a look of horror on his face. We soon saw the probably emerge from the bushes seconds after. It was an infected. A medium-sized male, hand-to-hand combat would be a struggle, but nothing extremely dangerous. I took out my Raging Bull and aimed for his knee, I fired and a very large hole was created, so large in fact that it separated his lower leg and it fell to the ground. The impact blew the infected backwards, knocking him to the ground. The target was now immobile. I continued on with breakfast, dividing the meat evenly between us.

Everybody was awake now.

After we had finished eating, we began to pack up our things and plotting our course to the radio-station, where we would re-group with the others, mount our vehicles and continue down to Kamenka. Dima informed us of the small…disagreements we were having with the foreigners within the group. They had a separate camp to us for obvious reasons, but that was not the problem. The problem lay with their diplomacy, they had elected some sort of leader, which we could not have. They could not be fooled into thinking they had any sort of superiority or power within the Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya. Things had to be sorted, so Dima had called a meeting at their camp over at Kamenka.

The journey from our camp to the radio station was not very long nor exciting. We simply ran, stopping a few times to hydrate ourselves, and arrived at 9 am prompt, waiting for our transport to arrive. We had acquired some sort of British Offroad and it had plenty of room for us all. A few of the lower ranks met us at the radio station too, they arrived in a bus. A small, white, ugly-looking bus. It looked as if, in its past life, it transported prisoners. One of the foreigners was driving the offroad, I can’t remember his name. Jewell? I don’t know and I don’t care. Transport was one of their jobs. They only had a few:

-Provide transport for the superior Cherna-russians.

-Protect any vehicles over-night at a camp of sorts.

-Aid the superior Cherna-russians in any firefight or conflict.

-Aid the superior Cherna-russians in gathering supplies and information.

If they failed to complete these tasks then they would be punished. It was simple really, simple jobs for simple people. They should have been honoured to be with the CRA, the bastards. What more could we have done for them? I never wanted them with us! Those damn Wongs! I hated them! I hated them all!

We travelled through Kabanino, down to Dichina and then Zelenogorsk where we refuelled. Luckily, because it was early, there weren’t many others out travelling and we had an easy journey. We continued on through Kamenka and further west. That was when the shit hit the fan and those…those foreign scum!

Anger overwhelms me when I think of them now.

The Offroad was leading, full of the superiors including myself and the bus trailed behind. Jewell, our driver, was twitching and heavily sweating. Maybe he had a fever? Infected? Maybe it was worse. I chose not to question him and let him drive. I listened in to the conversation Shalkar and Teo were having, something about ‘the amount of crème cakes they could fit in their mouths’. They asked if anybody had any and we all began throwing them into the centre of the truck, crème cakes were a sufficient source of energy anyway. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Shalkar had managed it, now it was Teo’s turn. 1, 2, 3, 4 and BANG! The car veered off of the road and we sped towards a concrete post.

Luckily, we stopped just in time.

Teo and Shalkar spat their food out onto the ground and we all disembarked taking up defensive positions. Jewell told us it was just a burst tyre and that we weren’t receiving fire. We all relaxed…slightly. The bus pulled over and the driver wound down his window.

‘What happened?’

He shouted, it was one of the Vojins, I forget his name.

‘Nothing comrade, just carry on, we’ll catch up!’

I replied, making suggestive hand movements along the road.

‘Understood, sir!’

He closed the window and started the engine up, moving ahead. There was something in the road ahead, branches of some sort. They looked somewhat organised, only two of them, but still, they looked…placed. I assumed it was nothing until I turned to see Jewell gawping in horror at the bus. I quickly joined the two together.


I screamed, dropping onto my chest.

I watched as the bus travelled over the assortment of branches. I watched as the IED was triggered. I watched as the bus exploded, pieces of metal and human sent flying everywhere. I watched as the vehicle that should have been my own, obliterated. Killing 17 true Cherna-russians to be precise. 17 good Cherna-russians. I would trade places to save even one of those men. But it could not be done, so instead I have decided to avenge them. To kill all disrespectful foreign scum that come across my path. For I knew exactly what was happening here. We were being ambushed by the CRA-F division. We never should have trusted them, who know who else they’re working with.

I surveyed the burning wreck and got to my feet checking the men the were in the offroad, everybody was alive but not all were in perfect shape. Shalkar had been hit by something in the shoulder and it was bleeding, a lot. The rest of the men had no serious damage and now I looked for Jewell. He was hiding somewhere. He must know that I know.

‘Jewell, what are you doing?’

I heard Dima say from behind me.

I swivelled on the spot and saw him standing half bent over clutching something. I ran at him, pulled out my Raging bull, fired a precise round into his skull and turned him onto his back. I ripped apart his hands, took out the grenade that he was holding so tightly and threw it as far as I could. It exploded mid-air, barely 4 metres away and my ears began to ring. I saw a confused expression on Dima’s face and he began speaking but I made some facial expressions and hand movements to show I couldn’t hear him. Slowly, I regained my hearing and the usher of the waves greeted me. There were brutally interrupted by Dima asking what the hell I had just done.

‘What the fuck did you do that for?’

He shouted, I explained to them what I had witnessed and what I had, well to be totally honest, assumed.

‘It was the foreigner scum Dima! I saw the look on his face, it was all planned. Those bastards have turned on us, we never should have trusted them!’

I was spitting, anger was frothing inside of me and I clenched my fists.

They didn’t seem to be very convinced and at least one of them was probably going to raise his weapon on me until gunfire ran out, hitting the side of the Offroad, and showering us with dust and small pieces of metal.

It had begun.

I dropped behind a nearby rock, putting my Raging Bull away and slinging one of the American weapons off of my shoulder, I had grown to love it quite a lot. It had a perfect red dot sight on top, suited for men’s heads. I loaded in a mag and turned towards the sound of gunfire. It was as if the world stopped and began to play in slow motion. I looked towards the others and their faces were intent, eyes scrutinizing the opponent whilst unloading their weapons. Most were reloading but I could see Raab, his young face only set on killing the foreigners. His gun clicked and he looked towards me, smiling. Dead. A bullet had pierced his temple and made a clean hole all the way through. He knew it would happen, he purposefully delayed himself, knowing that it would probably result in his death.

We will all miss you Raab, you were a good man.

I will spare you the details of the gun fight not only because my descriptions would be vague and disturbing but mostly because my brain tends to shut down other useless thoughts during a firefight. Memory for example, is one of those useless thoughts and processes running in the back of your mind. All I can really tell you is, the foreigners retaliated and the foreigners lost. We took no more casualties. Only bruises and scratches, nothing major and nothing worth worrying about.

Never should you under-estimate the true power of the Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya.

We have been spending the past few days gathering resources, moving from place to place unseen and unheard. Like a ghost. But I can assure you.

We are not gone.

We will return.

We will be even more powerful.

Oh, and, we are NOT to be fucked with.


CRA Remnants:

*You spot a beautiful lake in the distance*

Blues alike the sky and an atmosphere of tranquil surrounds it. You watch as the blue turns to green and then to a dark red, blood. Blood starts to spread through the lake like a virus. You scan the waters edge looking for the source, a body...a human body.

You see three men approaching, one of the men walks to the body, rolling it over, his face turns to shock and sadness. You can see he recognises the body. He searches the man and reveals some dog-tags, it was a confirmed pick.


"TEO!” He shouts, signalling for him to come over.

“Take what you need, we gotta get going!” He brushes him off, continuing to walk.

“No, Teo, you’re going to want to see this!”

“This better be good Ivan…” He walks over to him, Shalkar following behind.

*Ivan hands Teo the dogtags and takes off his backpack, drawing from it: some bandages, some morphine, some painkillers, some pliers and some scissors*

“Holy shit” Teo whispers.

“Put those away Ivan, we’ll do it at camp, both of you grab him!”

*A few days before this incident*

CRA were travelling through the South West outskirts of Chernarus in a black SUV.

Kazimir: “What is that on that hill to the West!?”

Dima gazes at this object/person on the hill and slams the brakes, bullets started flying at the car from every single angle.


Everyone from inside the car smashes open the doors and immediately starts sprinting for the nearest cover, suddenly a huge explosion goes off and obliterates the car into pieces, parts from the car go flying, wrecking anything within it’s path. A gigantic ball of smoke appears from the shattered remains of the blown up car, this gives CRA an opportunity to get a better position and even retreat from this some what of an ambush. As Dima is sprinting off into the distance, a nearby enemy spots him and raises his gun and puts a bullet in his left bottom rib. Dima gets thrown to the ground with force, he screams in pain, CRA knew this was Dima and rushed for there lives towards this scream. Dima was in agony, laying on the floor, pissing out with blood. He crawls into a nearby bush that covers him from the ongoing fire. Remaining CRA members are searching for Dima as they are petrified that he may have been killed, unfortunately they never found him that day...

After this ambush had calmed down, it became a waiting game, Dima was not to be seen or heard, it was too dangerous to search the area after the current incident, few hours later and nearly every CRA member had been separated from each other. The majority would have retreated or been killed and the rest, well.... they were the veterans.

Shelkar (CRA member involved in the incident) was one of the remaining CRA members in the area that it all started in. He'd been hiding under a few large rocks for nearly 11 hours, zombies had been stumbling across for hours due to the gunshots. Shelkar peeked his head out and saw a horde of zombies in the road, crowding the remains of the blown up SUV and feasting on some of the dead corpses. He quietly made his way around the infected and tried to find other CRA members. Shelkar notices a blood trail on the floor, leading into a small bush, bullet hole marks in the mud and footprints, little did he know, this was Dima's blood. It leaded straight into a forest, unfortunately Shelkar decided to ignore it and carry on searching for the others.....

*Two days later*

Teo had been searching some nearby houses for food and medical supplies and bumped into Ivan, Ivan was also with Shelkar, they had found each other in the wilderness, it seemed like everyone was making there way back to each other in time, only that, one part of this puzzle was missing, Dima was known as gone, Shelkar, Teo and Ivan had started up a new group known as the 'SoH' or Survivors of Hell. Their main task was to find the remaining CRA members. Once this had been achieved, everything would go back to how it used to be.

As days went on, times were getting hard, SoH were constantly on their feet, ever so slowly but surely returning back to their original state, Černoruskýe Respublikanskaya Armiya. Although, they would not give up until they found Dima, he was the one that started this and they would not give up on him. SoH decided to take a trip up to the wreck of the ambush that recently just happened. They wanted to investigate the wreckage, find out who ambushed CRA and if they could find any useful evidence.

As they were walking near the car wreckage, Ivan slips on some blood and gets his foot stuck in some mud. He manages to raise himself back up, Ivan then stares at his hands, the Hlvani rank badge was stuck to his hands, realising that Dima was the Hlvani, then takes a look at the rotten blood trail, following it into the woods slowly, Ivan radio's Teo and Shelkar and tells them the direction he was heading and the coordinates so the others can follow behind. As Ivan was following the blood trail for a few hours, the amount of blood left behind start decreasing. Struggling to find where this blood trail was heading, Ivan had to wait for Teo and Shelkar, as Teo is very talented with investigating. Eventually they come to an end of the blood trail, boot marks and small bandages were relatively close by, only to assume that he must have tryed to fix himself up.

They walk down a long muddy path surrounded with medium sized fluffy bushes, Teo notices a huge house in the distance they were heading.

“Oi, Shelkar…. Ivan…., look what’s over there!” as he points towards the house.

“I need some more food, we will go in and out as quick as possible, you see any zombies, you use a melee weapon, only use a gun when you are in trouble, it attracts too much noise.”

As they approach the house, Ivan spots a lake, this wasn’t any usual lake, it was filled with blood. I started jogging closer to the lake to spot where the source of this blood was coming from, I spot a body…

*This takes you back to the beginning*

As they were carrying Dima back to camp, zombies were passing by left, right and centre. It was becoming dark extremely quickly.

“I didn’t realise how heavy Dima was!” Shelkar says with sweat running down his face.

Later on that evening, they managed to return to their camp with Dima still alive. Dima looked very close to death, he was turning as pale as a ghost and not even blinking, his heart and pulse were still staying strong. SoH had medical doctors at the camp, they might have been Free Medics, they've always been there when you need them. They had to operate on Dima to get the parts of the bullet out of his ribs, unfortunately this procedure was too risky for the medics, they decided just to stitch up the entry wound and wrap him up in a bandage that would go all the way around him on the wound.

Dima was slowly recovering from this wound, although the medics said something about the bullet that remains in his ribs, it may cause future problems.

* A week passes from this incident *

Dima is up standing on a table in the SoH camp, he is thanking everyone that helped him up to this day, he also thanked CRA and SoH.

As they are passing drinks around, Dima shouts

"We have been gone for a long time! Everyone that survived the attack, will be known as a veteran and from now on, we shall go by the name of CRA Remnants! Our main objective is to find remaining members of CRA, we do not leave a soldier behind, do you understand!"

Everyone surrounding Dima, yells for his speech, they are all jumping up in the air with joy and happiness.

Later the day, they all decide to head out of camp onto the road, they all yell and yell as they are walking down the street.


This yell was used by the Red Army in World War II, Dima and his men decided to use this war cry to scare fellow bandits out of Chernarus.

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  • Emerald

Never really ran into you guys back in TWS. Though reading this has given me greater ooc knowledge of the group. Though I won't use it IC as that ruins RP.

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  • Emerald

Thank you very much for the replies, I surprised people actually read all of this as there is a lot to read. :)

You should force all the recruits to read this, sort of like the Imperial Dragons did, with questions and answers.

It will avoid you from getting so many applications, and just make sure people who're actually serious of joining reads through all of it.

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Guest Pandi

Thank you very much for the replies, I surprised people actually read all of this as there is a lot to read. :)

You should force all the recruits to read this, sort of like the Imperial Dragons did, with questions and answers.

It will avoid you from getting so many applications, and just make sure people who're actually serious of joining reads through all of it.

I really like that idea, might just have to do that now, thank you! :)

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  • Sapphire

Brilliant, Panda. Well done!

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