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Is the warz any good?

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Hey guys, I just wanted to know if anyone has War Z and if you think its worthy buying.

Don't buy it, in it's current state it's pretty much crap. Perhaps in the future it might get better but for now, don't waste the money. DayZ has some flaws but it's nothing compared to WarZ. Steam even took it down from their store because it's not good enough.

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I have 48hour key if you want to try it. I wouldn't recommended it though :D:D

The world graphics are kinda good but the models and animations are hideous. There is no freedom in controlling your character (you'll understand what I mean when you play it). Everyone is using ESP hacks, the zombies run on the spot and you'll be spawn killed 15 times before you find a weapon.

Nah, it was a money making scam which I fell for - I mean, I was on the admins side for a long while against all the criticism.

After a while I've realised they just wanted to cash in on DayZs success.

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It's funny how they aaall of a sudden released their game shortly after DayZ' amount of interest increase, leading to a mass-buyout of the ArmA II game.

In a result of that, they made that shitty game and released it WAY too soon, just to get some cash while the fire's still burning hot. I was close to buying the game, due to my friends wanting me to play, telling me it's going to improve over time; and I'm sure it is (I hope, for their sake), but in its current state: no.

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This game is absolutely amazing I love spawning in and getting beaten to death by a floating bag

seriously? now thats competitive right there. going as far as to make your body invisible but not the backpack lol

ive seen gameplay, doesnt look all that amazing.

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I have thought to get it, just to cheat the fuck out of it to piss the existing players.

And this is what ruined DayZ.. :)

Well WarZ is ruined already, so it doesn't really matter. :D

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So is DayZ public, should I cheat because of that?

Cheating for the purpose of making the game experience for someone who enjoys the game worse is idiotic, so was his statement. Why would you make the players angry, go and slaughter the devs if anyone. Yes WarZ is a terrible game, but that doesn't mean the players deserve cheaters. Minecraft is also a terrible game yet people enjoy it, just like WarZ. We all have different taste in games you know :) Personal taste

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