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Wilhelm's Journal.

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((So this is the journal that my character Wilhelm carries with him and occasionally writes in. I'll be adding new entries as I eventually play on the server.))

*You find a bloody, tattered journal*

Wilhelm Wunderbar. That is what they called me. A great Microbiological scientist from Berlin.

If you find this journal somewhere, I will probably be dead already. I will write in this journal as long as I can. To tell you what I have accomplished during all this time.

-München Biological Research Center-

The infection started, God knows where. They asked me: "Find a cure for this infection". A cure, can you believe it? They ask a scientist to invent a cure for an infection that has already wiped out millions. They gave me a month, by that time the infection has spread further into the world. None of my colleagues know how bad it is outside of the lab. They don't know! I am slowly going insane in this place.


Days keep passing, no cure. After weeks of testing my samples on both human and infected, To test the effect. All it did was make the infected more insane and furious while the human effects were usually fatal, or agonizing.

We didn't just take normal people from their homes. We took convicts. Preferably those with a death sentence, they were useless anyways.

After the second week we had to barricade ourselves in. The infected are on our doorstep by now, hungry for our flesh. We couldn't test it out on convicts anymore after some time, they had all been used up. I had to test it on my assistants as we couldn't take the infected from outside, it was too dangerous. I had to infect my own people. My own people! to find a cure. They will forgive me for it right? It was all for the good of humanity after all.


No cure. Nothing. All my assistants were dead. Shot. Through the brain, to make sure they wont crawl up on me when I sleep. I'm alone now. Alone in this dark building. No electricity, no drinking water, food ran out. I am going insane. Start hearing things. I have one more option in order to survive. Run.


I am escaping from the infected at night, when they can't see me.

I'll be travelling to a distant land were I heard people are starting up a civilization again. Surely it will be worse than I hope, but there is nothing left to lose here. No more excuses now, I'm leaving.

God help me.

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((Thnx guys. ^^

I've been whitelisted btw! A big thanks to the staff for the fast service. You can encounter Wilhelm on the servers now. :D

Here's another entry to consume.))

-Somewhere near Salzburg-

I got out of the facility safely. The infected where too busy gnawing on my colleagues corpses as I made my escape. I'm somewhere close to Salzburg now, to the west of the city, although I dare not come close to the place to investigate.

I encounter pockets of the dead wandering time to time, they seem to stick to previously inhabited areas. I'm taking that knowledge to my advantage as I travel south-east.


Made camp and took stock of what I salvaged. A bag of necessities and my research briefcase is all I have. No way in hell that I'll throw months of work away, it would all have been for nothing otherwise. I'll see if I can add some of the most important reports to this journal, to lighten the load and get rid of the useless stuff. I have all the time in the world now anyway.

*A folded sheath of paper is stuck in-between the pages-


Live test: 1#.

Test Subject: 1#.

Status: Alive.

Gender: Male.

Estimated age: 32.

Previous association: Convict, Death-row.

Field of study:

Synthetically introducing infection and observing results.


12:02 PM

Subject was secured to cell wall. Infection was introduced into the body of the subject via injection of "dirty" serum. Serum contained still unknown micro-pathogenic.

+4 hour(s), 20 minute(s).

Reaction to introduction was reported. Subject showed signs of high fever and hallucination.

+6 hour(s).

Subject shows signs of increased reaction to pathogenic. Uncontrolled shivering, further hallucinatory, self-inflicting violence.

+1 hour(s), 11 minute(s).

Subject deceased, presumed organ-failure cause of death. Autopsy will be preformed after further examination to clarify.

+1 hour(s).

Deceased subject shows signs of light movement in limbs.

+20 minute(s).

Deceased subject fully "revived". Full examination of subject will be preformed in a later report.


That man. Subject 1#. He was the first live test after having spent months prying through tissue samples sent to us from around Europe. We couldn't even find the source of the infection in those samples yet but we found out the sick-making microbe actually harbored itself in the blood of it's host. This.... Disease... Is what kills you and the microbe itself takes over after that...

I can still remember we had to tie his hands down further as he tried to claw his eyes out during the fever...

I'll see if I can find more useful reports to add later. Sleep, is now my primary concern.

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Will you be doing the wilhelm scream ig?

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